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China, India Tensions Near Breaking Point



Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narenda Modi stand tall as charismatic leaders who seek to lead their nations with patriotic sentiments.

SIKKIM – With all eyes on the United States and North Korea, a potential area of large scale military conflict between two other nuclear armed adversaries has gone unnoticed. China and India have long disputed part of their shared border in the Himalayas, and in recent days – the situation threats to escalate into a full fledge war.

On August 15th, Indian officials announce Chinese troops attempted to enter their territory after a two-month standoff. Chinese officials stated it was the other way around. Soldiers threw stones at each other and caused minor injuries.

Although militias from either country haven’t shot at each other in more than half a century along their 2,200 mile-long shared border, if the situation continues to worsen, there’s no telling where the potential will end. Both countries have massive resources and don’t like to lose face.

Where this conflict will end, nobody will know. Small issues like this can escalate, seemingly out of nowhere, into bigger ones. That’s why anyone paying attention to the geopolitical scene would be remiss to overlook this potential source of conflict between two nuclear powers.

It’s also a hidden sign that dangers lurk around every corner, and not every conflict is likely to involve a superpower like the United States. China and India, each with a larger population than the United States, are growing regional powers looking to assert their sovereignty and protect the neighbors they’re allied to.

What’s an American to do for a situation like this? For the most part, they can hope and pray that open conflict doesn’t break out. On a more practical level, however, they can turn to safety.

“As events like these unfold, investors should look for ways to protect their wealth from the potential disruption that may occur in financial markets,” says Insider Hotline editor Andrew Packer.

“It’s important to realize that these situations can flare up quickly and then disappear just as quickly, but that isn’t always the case. That’s why I recommend investors hold some physical gold. Uncertainties like this are more prevalent than people tend to realize.”

Gold has been rising as the rhetoric between the United States and North Korea has been escalating. It has appeared to be backing off as Pyongyang announce plans to fire missiles in the direction of the U.S. Territory of Guam has been delayed.

The latest driver of gold’s ascent is the weakening of the U.S. Dollar resulting from growing uncertainty that the Trump Administration will be able to deliver on tax reform and reduction as promised by President Trump during the 2016 campaign.

Gold surged to close at $1293.75 as of yesterday. “The Chinese Indian conflict is barely on gold traders and investors screens as of yet. If in the middle of the political turmoil here in the United States the Chinese, Indian conflict erupts into serious military conflict gold could jump $100 an ounce in the blink of an eye, warns Insider Hotline editor Andrew Packer.

Editor’s Note: Andy Packer is the editor of Insider Hotline a premier investor advisory. of the runaway New York Times best-seller He is also a featured editorialist each month on and is prominently featured in the Newsmax’ Finance Insiders.


By James DiGeorgia, Newsmax

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