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French Woman Dies from UK Variant of Covid-19 in Chiang Mai



French Woman Dies from UK Variant of Covid-19 in Chiang Mai

The governor of Chiang Mai province has reported two more deaths related to the UK variant of covid-19 coronavirus, bringing the province’s Covid-19 death toll to nine.

Of the two reported deaths, one was an 81 year old French woman who was suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol. She reportedly fell on the 22nd April and sought treatment in a hospital.

Upon returning home she reportedly started feeling symptoms related to thecovid-19 coronavirus and was readmitted back into hospital on April 26. Doctors said the French woman died on May 3rd.

The second death for the UK variant of covid-19 was reported today. The victim was an 87 year old woman who also had diabetes and kidney issues. She contracted the UK variant of covid-19 from a member of her family.

According to City News she was admitted to the hospital on the 27th April with Covid symptoms,  she died at Nakornping hospital also on the 3rd May.

New clusters of UK variant of Covid-19

Meanwhile, Chiang Mai health officials report a new cluster of the UK variant of covid-19 was discovered from people who went to a Lotus market in Ruam Chok, there were nine new infections.

Today’s numbers for new covid-19 cases in Chiang Mai province is 33. Bringing this year’s total to 3,822, covid-19 cases with 2,829 having been cleared to return home.

There remain 984 people being treated or quarantined in various hospitals. Of that number, 732 are nearly in the clear, 131 are recovering well, 70 are showing concerning symptoms and being treated and 17 in critical condition.

However, there are a further 244 inmates of the Chiang Mai Central Prison with the virus whose numbers are not numbered in the above count, instead posted as the ‘Bubble & Seal’ cluster.

Both Chiang Mai University and Mae Jo University field hospitals are slated to close next week. They currently house 46 and 90 people, respectively.

Yesterday the most people were tested, with 1,583 tests conducted and it was found that only 2.02% tested positive.

A group of 125 people in Chiang Dao considered high risk have been tested and tomorrow there will be results.


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