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Drivers Fined for Emitting High-Level of Emissions in Northern Thailand




CHIANG MAI – The Pollution Control Department in Northern Thailand has fined motorists whose vehicles’ emissions are above the legal limit in the northern province of Chiang Mai, imposing a temporary ban to reduce air pollution.

The Director-General of the Pollution Control Department, Sunee Piyapanpong, said her department is running a campaign to enforce the Promotion and Conservation of National Environmental Quality Act in Chiang Mai. The campaign includes banning vehicles emitting exhaust gas with pollutants higher than allowed in the law.

Officials have been flagging down cars since March this year. So far, 46 vehicles, mostly diesel-powered vehicles, have been found exceeding the pollution limit, resulting in a 500 baht fine to car owners, and a temporary ban on the use until the vehicles receive proper maintenance reducing the amount of emission.

This measure comes as an attempt to reduce air pollution in Chiang Mai, with forest fires and road traffic being one of the key factors.

By Tanakorn Sangiam

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