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Chiang Mai Police Seek Arrest Warrant to Prevent Flight Risk in Cyclists Death



Ms Phatchuda will be charged drunk driving as well as reckless driving causing death and injury.

Ms Phatchuda will be charged drunk driving as well as reckless driving causing death and injury.


CHIANG MAI – Pol Maj-General Pacha Rattanapan told reporters at a press conference that Chiang Mai Police will seek an arrest warrant for the 23-year-old female student who crashed into a convoy of cyclists in Chiang Mai’s Doi Saket district on Sunday morning killing three, to prevent a flight risk.

Miss Patchuda Jairuean, who is currently being treated at a hospital for a broken arm, will also face charges of drunk driving and reckless driving causing deaths and injuries, punishable by up to 10 years in jail, Pol Maj-General Pacha Rattanapan said.

Miss Jairuean is believed to have dozed off while driving, and her alcohol level was 67 milligrams per cent, slightly above the legal limit. As her car was covered by first-class insurance, the company would be paying damages, including the Bt700,000 compensation to each deceased person, he said.

Some 100 members of the Sansai Cyclists Club gathered at 6am yesterday at Tambon San Sai Municipality to mourn the deaths and called for cyclists’ right to safely use roads.

Meanwhile, Saran Intanin, 23, who fled after being allegedly involved in a road accident on Monday night, turned himself over to police yesterday. He faces charges for killing one cyclist and injured two others in Bangkok.

The accident took place on Monday night, when the car allegedly driven by Saran swerved into the bicycle lane and hit them all. By the time police had arrived, he had fled the scene.

“He has confessed to the crime now. He said he fled because he was worried that he would upset his parents,” Khok Kram Police Station’s superintendent, Kittichet Sakkayaphapwichanont, said.

Meanwhile, another cyclist suffered injuries yesterday morning while riding on the road running parallel to Rama 9 motorway in Bangkok when he was hit by a motorcyle. The cyclist was well-known Wichien “Uncle Ood” Pinkesorn, 56.

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