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11 Year-old in Coma After Trying to Commit Suicide Due to School Bullying

Pavena stated that the girl attempted suicide as a result of bullying. She has been called “fat, black, short, and poor” relentless times. The final string was when 3 boys assaulted her at school.



Thailand has the world’s 2nd highest percentage of school bullying and Pavena Foundation in Chiang Mai is trying to draw awareness to it. Pavena Hongsakul from the Pavena Foundation went to visit a young girl in Chiang Mai after she attempted suicide at school in Chiang Mai Province due to bullying.

The 11 year-old girl tried to hang herself in the girls’ bathroom in November of this year. Teachers and the school’s janitor broke down the door and retrieved her. She was rushed to the hospital but is remains in a coma.

According to Thai media her friends realized what she was trying to do so they went to warn the teacher. She was later transfered to the Nakornping Hospital, Chiang Mai’s provincial hospital.

According to Thai Residents, her father contacted the Pavena Foundation in search of justice for his young daughter.

Suicide was a result of school bullying

Pavena Hongsakul from the Pavena Foundation went to visit the young girl and her father at Nakornping Hospital,  in Chiang Mai.

Pavena stated that the girl attempted suicide as a result of bullying, not because of a heartbreak. The family confirms that the girl never had romantic problems. She was only 11 year-old. The father told Pavena his daughter complained of being bullied by a group of male students for a long time.

They called her fat, black, short, and poor relentless times. In September of this year, 3 male students assaulted her by pushing her onto the ground before kicking her arms and face.

Consequently the foundation has contacted the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security in Chiang Mai. They are above all trying find a way in helping the poor girls family.

The doctor informed Pavena that the girl will be released from the hospital and she will have to be in close care back at home. The foundation wants to make sure that the family receives all the assistance required to properly care for her.

13 Year-old boy shoots and kills school bully

Rescue workers arrive at the school in Nonthaburi province’s Muang district where a young student shot dead a classmate

Meanwhile, a 13-year-old boy in central Thailand shot and killed a classmate he said repeatedly insulted and repeatedly bullied him. The victim allegedly always taunted him calling him a “toot”.

Emergency responders found Chonlasit Boonchan, also 13, a Mathayom Suksa 1 student, lying dead in a pool of blood. He had a gunshot wound to the right side of his forehead.

The young shooter was detained and taken into police custody. Police found a 7.65mm pistol in his shoulder bag, Thai media reported.

The young boy told police that Chonlasit had often bullied him, slapping his head and calling him a “toot” – a lady boy.

The repeated insults festered inside him until he finally couldn’t take it anymore. He stole his father’s pistol and then shot Chonlasit in the head as he was taking off his shoes.

He then ran to a bathroom to change clothes. According to police intending to flee, but was caught by teachers.

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