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Thailand’s Constitution Drafting Committee Predict Elections for September 2016



A voter deposits her vote in the 2011 Thailand general election

A voter deposits her vote in the 2011 Thailand general election


BANGKOK – According to the Constitution Drafting Committee a general election will probably be held in September 2016, 90 days after the promulgation of three organic laws.

Constitution drafters agreed at a meeting Wednesday that the election of MPs would be held three months after the organic laws dealing with elections of MPs and senators, political parties, and the Election Commission take effect.

All senators must be ready to perform their duties within 150 days after the laws are promulgated.

An elected government is expected to take office in early 2017. The National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) and the interim government would remain in power during the transition.

The permanent constitution, which is expected to be completed and promulgated in one year, requires a general election be held after the charter’s organic laws are issued.

The CDC members also voted to extend the original 60-day period for the National Legislative Assembly to finish deliberations of the three organic law bills to 90 days, so that it has enough time to exercise prudence in considering the bills.

The CDC is expected to submit the final version of the draft constitution to the National Reform Council on Aug 21. The council will have 15 days to study it before voting on it.

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