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Rail Worker Who Raped and Killed 13 Year Old Nong Kaem Declines Appeal of Death Sentence




Thai railway worker Wanchai Saengkhao has been sentenced to death for the raping and killing of 13-year-old Nong Kaem on an overnight train in Thailand.



HUA HIN – The railway worker who was condemned to death by the Appeals Court for the rape and killing of 13-year old Nong Kaem, on a night train has declined his right of appeal his death sentence to the Supreme Court.

The condemned murderer, Wanchai Saengkhao, submitted a petition through his lawyer to Hua Hin provincial court declaring his decision not to appeal his sentence to the Supreme Court.

As such, the case is regarded as closed and the convict will face his judgement.

However, a judicial source said that execution would not be carried out until the convict has petitioned for Royal pardon. Only when his petition is rejected or there is no response to his petition after a certain period, then execution can proceed.

The case was widely reported by the media because it took place in a night train right in the middle of several other passengers who were totally unaware of the crime. The body of 13-year old Nong Kaem was thrown out of the speeding train.


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