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On Third Day of Thailand’s New Years “Seven Dangerous Days” 167 Killed, 1793 Injured




CHIANG RAI – Casualties from the first three days of the “Seven Dangerous Days” of safety driving campaign have risen to 167 killed and 1,793 injured, with drunk driving being the main culprit of the road carnage.

According to the Centre for the Prevention and Reduction of Road Accidents during the New Year’s festival, the updated report showed that, on December 30, there were altogether 649 road accidents, resulting to 73 deaths and 688 people injured, with drunk driving accounting for 47.92 percent of the accidents followed by speeding, which accounted for 21.88 percent of the accidents.

Motorcycles accounted for 78.77 percent of the accidents on December 30, followed by 8.07 percent from pickup trucks. 65.95 percent of the incidents took place on straight roads under the jurisdiction of the Highways Department, with 26.66 percent of the incidents occurring during 4 pm-8 pm.

Chiang Mai and Buri Ram registered the highest number of accidents on December 30 with 27 each while Buri Ram and Maha Sarakham scored the highest death toll on a single day at five each.

On December 30, police checked 762,143 vehicles and took legal actions against 132,995 cases, including 38,271 cases of not wearing crash helmets, 36,662 cases of driving and riding without driving licenses.

For three running days from Dec 28-30, Chiang Mai topped the list of highest number of accidents at 62 cases. Si Sa Ket recorded the highest accumulated death toll at nine and Buri Ram recorded the highest number of injuries at 69.

In last year’s New Year festival, death toll for the first three days was registered at 199 killed and 2,099 injured.


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