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Music Teacher Arrested for Molesting Young Schoolboys



Music Teacher Arrested for Molesting Young Schoolboys

Police in Bangkok on Tuesday arrested a male music teacher for the alleged sexual abuse of at least three schoolboys he instructed, crime suppression police reported.

The music teacher was wanted on a warrant issued by the Thonburi Criminal Court. Police officers detained a 51-year-old man teacher only as Mr. Montree. He is a music teacher at a well-known primary school in Bang Khae district, outside a housing estate in Lak Song area in metro Bangkok.

Mr. Montree was taken to police station headquarters for further questioning.

Police said Mr. Montree was accused of molesting at least three young boys aged 8-11 years. Some of them for more than three years.

The Music teacher is alleged to have committed lewd acts with the boys for his sexual pleasure. The children say the molestation took place in washrooms and music rooms.

Police investigators were examining his mobile phone to see if he had taken videos of his lewd activities.

Mr. Montree was initially charged with sexual abuse of schoolboys aged under 13 years, and committing lewd acts on minors. The charges laid by police carry a punishment of up to life imprisonment.

The music teacher allegedly admitted to caressing and kissing them, but nothing more.

The police investigators also recommended to the court that his request for bail be rejected.

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