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Teacher Accused of Molesting Young Boys at School




The family of an 11-year-old boy has filed molestation charges against a male teacher at an all-boys school in Bangkok, he is accused of molesting the child for three years.

On Friday the 11-year-old boy’s parents filed the complaint with the police Anti-Trafficking in Persons Division (ATPD). According to Anti-crime activist Achariya Ruangratanapong, who is advising the parents, said the young boy had had enough of the abuse and finally told his family parents.

It is alleged that the teacher at the Bangkok primary school had molested five pupils from grades 3-6 in restrooms. The boys had told their teachers but school administrators did nothing due to lack of evidence.

Mr. Achariya told Thai media that the teacher is still on duty at the elementary school. The students were aware of his behaviour and would ask to see their class teachers whenever the man approached them.

Administrators of the elementary school contacted Mr. Achariya to settle the case but he and the boy’s family rejected them, Mr. Achariya said. He said they would seek legal action against the school and teacher if they continued to turn a blind eye to the issue.

Police investigators report they have received useful information from the victim. They said they were gathering evidence in relation to the molestation of the minors and would summon the accused teacher and administrators for questioning.


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