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Tourists Flock to Chiang Rai Mountains



Group of Tourists early morning at popular mountain attraction

Group of Tourists early morning at popular mountain attraction



CHIANG RAI – Flocks of tourists are visiting the mountains in Chiang Rai where the temperature has started to drop dramatically at the most popular mountain attraction Doi Phatang in Wiang Kaen district.

Chief of Wiang Kaen district Thatsanai Suthaphot said Doi Phatang is renowned for its natural beauty and many hill tribes who lived there. This year, the district cooperated with the Tourism Authority of Thailand in launching the “Wiang Kaen, Little New Zealand in Thailand” project in November to accommodate many ten thousands of tourists.

There will also be a riding activity at Phu Chi Fa, another famous tourist site in Chiang Rai and a special event to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2016 at Doi Pha Tang

Doi Pha Tang is about 160 kilometers from the Chiang Rai city, is a viewing point on top of a high cliff over the Thai-Laotian border affording a delightful scene for the river and the sea of mist throughout the year.

In Thai, Doi means “Hill”, Pha means “Cliff” and “Tang” means standing vertically. When combined them together, you get the meaning what it means. The name is given after the appearance of hills here that are very steep.

Doi Pha Tang is tucked away in the Northern part of the country, and it is an area that remains tranquil and beautiful and offers some of the most stunning views of any place in Thailand.



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