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What are the Future Trends in Robotics?

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Our technology is becoming ever more advanced. Past things that we used to do by hand are now being done by advanced technologies such as robotics or AI. For example, when going to the supermarket, we no longer need to be served by someone at the checkout, instead, we can use an automatic checkout service.

This advance in technology is going to continue, indeed the options offered are more and more every day and one industry to highlight in this sense is the robotics industry. This is one such industry that shows no signs of its growth slowing down and they are becoming ever more popular all around the globe.

They are often favoured due to their heightened profitability, increase in reliability, and the fact they can help businesses to get specific tasks done. Whereby traditional working methods such as in warehouses and factories were dangerous, robots are able to get around this.

They can manoeuvre into tight spaces that humans can’t, lift much larger loads without the same risk of injury making it more productive and safer for those in the workforce. While the benefits of robotics are obvious, one of the biggest questions about robots is where they will go in the future and just how they are expected to improve. Here we explore the future trends in robotics and how we expect the industry to develop…

Data analysis will become more prevalent

Data analysis is a vital part of any business and robotics will be utilised more in the collection of this data. Robotics are able to gather large amounts of data, facts and figures on things such as performance, stock and productivity all of which can be used to improve the overall performance of a company. Because this data won’t need to be manually harvested and analysed there is less room for error and it will also take a lot less time.

Everything will become even more virtual

One of the best benefits of robotics is their ability to improve physical processes and this is only expected to increase as the technology gets more advanced. Processes that before would have taken large amounts of time will be made much quicker by these virtual processes instead. Both offline and concept designs will be made much easier. Given the rise of this sector, mobile robotics companies will soon be something every business relies on.

Robots as a service (RaaS) business model is expected to grow

This is the process whereby companies can lease robotic devices and access a cloud-based subscription service meaning they don’t have the initial upfront cost. It can be a great way for companies to utilise the benefits of robotics without the expense.

This is beneficial for both large, developed companies and start-ups alike. According to Angel Soriano, R&D Project Manager at the Spanish mobile robotics company Robotnik “Collaborative robotics applications have become a determining factor for the growth of companies in different sectors”, so whether companies are looking to save costs or to try out a service without having to spend vast sums of capital, it can tick all the boxes.

Customer demand will increase

As robotic process automation grows and the many benefits they provide become increasingly more well-known, the demand for robotics will simply increase. As demand increases, their costs are also expected to come down, factoring in this supply and demand. Systems will develop fast and technology will become even more advanced. It is likely robotics will be seen more in personal settings as well as in a business setting as they become more accessible to all.

Cybersecurity will become even more important

At the same time as technology becomes even more widespread, it means the risks behind it is even bigger. This is why robotics will become much more advanced in their cybersecurity and how they work. The way that they collect data will cause them to be more connected to internal systems that will require stringent security measures to avoid hacking or any other sort of malicious attack. Any vulnerabilities will be detected and they will be more efficient and safe for businesses.

Collaborative robots are expected to rise in popularity

Collaborative robots are designed to work alongside humans to get things done much more efficiently and quickly. With their innumerable benefits, they will help businesses to be much more efficient and improve the way that people work in their jobs. Robotic assistance means that they are less likely to get tired, processes can be much more efficient and injuries can be greatly reduced.

Robotics are one piece of technology that is simply not going anywhere. The myriad of benefits that autonomous robots provide to businesses is something that cannot be rivalled.

It is exciting to see just where the advances will take us and how many more improvements they will offer to companies. What are some top ways you think that the robotics industry will develop? Do you think they will have a steady increase in popularity or a sharp incline? Does your business already use robotics or is it something they are looking into? Let us know!

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