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NTDEV Released Custom Version Of Windows 11 ‘Tiny11’



NTDEV Released Custom Version Of Windows 11 'Tiny11'

(CTN NEWS) – Tiny11 – Windows 95 used less than 100MB of space after installation. However, a fresh installation of Windows 11 requires about 20GB.

No one disputes that software will require more data as technology advances, but many think Windows hasn’t been justified in increasing install sizes by 20,000% over 28 years.

One developer might have demonstrated this using a modified installation of Windows 11 that reduces the default size to 50%.

This week, NTDEV unveiled Tiny11, a slimmed-down version of Windows 11 that can operate on just 2GB of RAM and 8GB of available hard drive space.

It also removes Windows 11’s relatively demanding system requirements, although users should know that it makes some significant compromises to go smaller.

Tiny11 is a condensed version of Windows 11 Pro 22H2 that is accessible as a 3GB ISO file on instead of the 5.1GB ISO download from Microsoft.

The minimally necessary components of Microsoft’s operating system are in the smaller version, including note-taking tools, calculators, and paint.

Additionally, the Microsoft Store is kept, allowing users to add whatever other Microsoft software they require. The system, by default, uses local accounts and supports internet accounts.

The Windows Component Store is the sacrifice that NTDEV points to as being made to downsize Windows 11. (WinSxS). Users won’t be able to install additional languages or significant features without it.

Although the creator verifies that Tiny11 can receive.NET drivers and security definitions through Windows Update, he claims that Tiny11 is “not serviceable.”

Users worried about the security implications of a customized Windows version can rest assured knowing that Tiny11 doesn’t include any code from non-Microsoft sources.

Users concerned about privacy shouldn’t install it, though, if they expect to be completely free of Microsoft’s telemetry.

The main objective of Tiny11 is to increase the number of platforms that can access Windows 11. Any computer running Windows 10 and capable of dual booting can run the custom edition.

Windows 11’s fairly stringent system requirements, especially regarding CPUs, caused controversy when it was first released. The OS typically requires at least an 8th-generation Intel Core or AMD Zen+ processor due to TPM specifications.

Windows 11 can operate on unsupported systems, but doing so needs extra steps, which Tiny11 removes.

According to the most recent StatCounter data, only one in five Windows users has upgraded to Windows 11.

Though much more slowly than Windows 10, which is still installed on at least 70% of Windows computers, Microsoft’s most recent operating system is still expanding its market share.


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