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iPhone Users In South Korea Lose ‘batterygate’ Lawsuit

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iPhone Users In South Korea Lose 'batterygate' Lawsuit

(CTN NEWS) – SEOUL – Apple was exposed in 2017 for purposefully slowing down iPhones to extend battery life, but the company’s action is still haunting it today as it is being hit with lawsuit after lawsuit.

Unfortunately, not all court cases end up in the consumer’s favor, and South Korean citizens will be extremely dissatisfied with the recent verdict in which they were denied any compensation.

Approximately 62,000 local customers sued Apple in many cases, requesting restitution totaling a little over $10 million.

According to a Yonhap article, the complaint was made against Apple and its South Korean subsidiary, Apple Korea, back in 2018.

iPhone users In South Korea lose

A teardown being performed on an iPhone 6S / Image Credits – iFixit

The technology behemoth allegedly withheld key information that the existing iPhone models couldn’t run the most recent iOS version at the time.

According to the article, Apple advised its consumers to download and install the most recent update rather than providing free battery replacements or launching any recall.

Owners of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 models reported that their devices had major faults rather than seeing advancements.

Unfortunately, the Seoul Central District Court decided against almost 9,800 iPhone users without providing adequate justification for the decision and also informed these people that they would be responsible for paying the legal fees.

Previously, 62,000 customers filed similar cases against Apple, demanding monetary damages totaling 12.7 billion won ($10.4 million) or similar amounts.

iPhone battery health

iPhone owners can now view their battery health and decide if they wish to service their device or not

In South Korea, each iPhone user requested 200,000 won, or $164. It goes without saying that most of these users will likely move to an Android phone because they undoubtedly felt cheated by Apple’s lack of openness.

Benchmark tests conducted by an iPhone 6S owner, whose phone performance had worsened, proved that Apple was slowing down phones.

When the owner replaced the old battery with a new one, the performance was recovered, leading the user to believe that Apple was slowing down specific models whose battery capacity had degraded over time.

Apple eventually acknowledged that it had been hiding this technique from its users and unveiled a Battery Health monitor to help them know when to choose a service.

At least one beneficial result came from this issue.


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