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WhatsApp To Let Users ‘Pin Messages’ In Groups And Chats



WhatsApp to let users pin messages in groups and chats

(CTN NEWS) – WhatsApp, despite its widespread adoption and enormous user base, does not offer as many useful features as some of its rivals.

Nonetheless, this has been altered to a certain degree due to Meta’s messaging service receiving several new features over the past year.

Additionally, WhatsApp was successful early on in mastering the fundamentals of communication, which has contributed to the app’s continued popularity despite the absence of several features that are considered important.

The inability to “pin” a message within a chat is currently being addressed as part of WhatsApp’s ongoing efforts to address these kinds of limitations and ensure that users’ conversations remain on-topic.

WhatsApp Business Beta New Version

In the WhatsApp Business beta version for Android, WABetaInfo discovered that the messaging platform is owned by Meta and is working on adding the capability to pin messages.

— WaBetaInfo

Source: WABetaInfo

Suppose you are currently participating in a conversation that contains a pinned message. In that case, the screenshot makes it quite apparent that you will need to update the most recent version of WhatsApp to view (and interact with) the pinned message.

When participating in group chats on WhatsApp, pinning messages can be an extremely helpful feature. It will also help to maintain the focus on a significant topic being discussed, which would otherwise be lost in the noise of more recent messages.

Pinning messages is not a new feature; Telegram has supported this functionality for several years. If you so choose, Telegram even allows you to “pin” numerous messages at once.

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On the other hand, Signal does not include this feature; all you can do with it is pin significant conversations to the top of the list of ongoing conversations.

If the implementation of Telegram is any indication, any participant in a group chat should be able to pin a message. Despite this, this is not the only potential improvement WhatsApp may implement in the future.

Additionally, it tests the ability to share high-resolution photographs in the quality they were designed to display.


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