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Users Can Now Appeal Twitter Account Suspensions Under New Rules



Users Can Now Appeal Twitter Account Suspensions Under New Rules

(CTN NEWS) – A Twitter user’s request to have their account reinstated will now be evaluated according to a new set of criteria, announced on Wednesday.

Before banning an account, the firm said it would only suspend for “serious or continuing, recurrent violations of our policies” in a tweet thread published by @TwitterSafety.

It will now need less drastic measures, such as “reducing the reach of policy-violating tweets or asking you to erase tweets,” before allowing you to resume tweeting.

Inciting violence, violating users’ privacy, posting unlawful content, and harassing specific users are just a few examples of behavior seen as severe breaches.

Late last year, Twt began restoring previously suspended accounts, allowing contentious accounts like that of former President Donald Trump and comic Kathy Griffin to reappear on the site.

Over the next 30 days, the business promised to keep restoring banned accounts that satisfy its new standards.

Twitter already had a mechanism that allowed users to contest suspensions and breaches.

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But the company’s new management claimed that its prior procedures for banning accounts were too severe and that it was taking disproportionate action against users who disobeyed the rules.

According to a tweet from the Twitter Safety account, the new policy has been the subject of several appeals. The account earlier on Wednesday said, “We appreciate your patience as we sort through a high volume of these inquiries.”

The Company did not immediately answer an inquiry for comment.


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