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Bangkok’s Toxic Dust Levels Expected To Subside From February 6-11



Bangkok's toxic dust levels expected to subside from February 6 and 11

(CTN NEWS) – BANGKOK – According to a press release from the Pollution Control Department on Sunday, toxic PM2.5 dust levels in Bangkok and the neighboring provinces from Monday to Saturday are projected to decrease due to the reasonably strong southerly breeze that will blow the dust away.

Most of the country’s PM2.5 concentrations as of midday on Sunday were below the safe limit of 50 g/m3, except the northern provinces of Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, Nan, Phayao, Lampang, Lamphun, Sukhothai, and Tak.

The PM2.5 levels at the time were between 22 and 89 g/m3 in the North, 14 to 46 g/m3 in the Northeast, and 11 to 45 g/m3 in the Central.


And Western regions, 14 to 33 g/m3 in the Eastern region, and 8 to 18 g/m3 in the Southern region, according to information from the air pollution monitoring centers.

The PM2.5 dust concentrations in Bangkok and neighboring areas ranged from 14 to 38 g/m3.

Greater Bangkok’s air quality is anticipated to significantly improve from February 6 through 11, thanks to improved air circulation and a southerly wind that will clear the area of any dust particles.

But because they exceed the 50 g/m3 limit between February 6–7 and February 9–11, PM2.5 dust levels in the 17 provinces of the upper and lower North Region need to be strictly watched.

Bangkok schools closed due to worsening air pollution, according to local reports.

The lower North, lower Northeast, and Central regions, including Bangkok and the surrounding provinces.

According to the Thai Meteorological Department, on Sunday, all will experience moisture from the South China Sea and the Gulf of Thailand due to the moderately high pressure currently over northern Thailand and the South China Sea.

The top section of the country will have rain and morning fog throughout this time.

The South will continue to be covered with rain and thunderstorms due to the easterly and southeasterly winds dominating the Gulf of Thailand, the South, and the Andaman Sea.


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