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NASA’s New Scientific Approach To UFOs: Shifting Perceptions And Prioritizing Inquiry



(CTN NEWS) – On Thursday, NASA announced that the exploration of UFOs will necessitate the adoption of fresh scientific methodologies, incorporating cutting-edge satellites, along with a fundamental shift in how unidentified flying objects are understood.

This revelation comes on the heels of a year-long investigation into UFOs conducted by the space agency.

In a comprehensive 33-page report, an independent team commissioned by NASA highlighted the challenge posed by the prevailing negative perception surrounding UFOs, hindering the collection of essential data.

Nevertheless, NASA officials are optimistic that their involvement will contribute to diminishing the stigma associated with these phenomena, referred to as UAPs, or unidentified anomalous phenomena.

“We aspire to reframe the discourse surrounding UAPs, steering it away from sensationalism and toward scientific inquiry,” remarked NASA Administrator Bill Nelson, affirming a commitment to an open and transparent approach.

NASA Officials Address the Possibility of Extraterrestrial Life Amidst UAP Investigation

Officials emphasized that the panel’s investigation did not uncover any evidence suggesting that UAPs had extraterrestrial origins.

Nevertheless, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson acknowledged the vastness of the universe, with billions of stars in billions of galaxies, and expressed the possibility of another Earth-like planet existing.

“In my view, in a universe of such immense proportions that it’s challenging for me to fathom, the answer is yes,” Nelson stated during a press conference when asked about the existence of life beyond Earth.

According to NASA’s own scientists, the likelihood of life on another Earth-like planet is estimated to be “at least a trillion.”

When questioned by reporters about whether the U.S. government or other governments were concealing information regarding aliens or extraterrestrial spacecraft, Nelson responded, “Present the evidence.”

NASA has clarified that it does not actively engage in the search for unexplained sightings.

However, the agency maintains a fleet of spacecraft orbiting Earth that can assist in determining the causes behind unusual events, such as determining whether unusual phenomena are related to weather conditions.

The 16-member panel emphasized the importance of artificial intelligence and machine learning in identifying rare occurrences, including UFOs.

NASA Appoints Undisclosed Director for UFO Research to Ensure Safety and Scientific Freedom

NASA has recently appointed a director to oversee UFO research, but the identity of this individual remains undisclosed.

This decision is driven by the desire to shield them from the types of threats and harassment experienced by panel members during the course of their investigation.

Dan Evans, NASA’s liaison with the panel, explained, “This is one of the reasons we are refraining from publicizing the name of our new director. Science must be unrestricted, subjected to a genuine, rigorous, and logical process, which necessitates the freedom of thought.”

The group of scientists, aviation and artificial intelligence experts, and retired NASA astronaut Scott Kelly, who was the first American to spend nearly a year in space, did not access any top-secret files during their investigation.

Instead, they relied on unclassified data in an effort to gain a better understanding of unexplained aerial sightings.

Officials have pointed out that there are very few high-quality observations available, rendering it impossible to draw any scientific conclusions.

The majority of these events can be attributed to conventional sources such as planes, drones, balloons, or weather conditions, as noted by panel chairman David Spergel, who is also the president of the Simons Foundation, a scientific research organization.

In government terminology, these unexplained sightings are referred to as UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) rather than UFOs. NASA defines them as observations in the sky or elsewhere that cannot be readily identified or scientifically explained.

This year-long study was conducted at a cost of less than $100,000.


In conclusion, NASA’s announcement regarding the exploration of UFOs, or UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena), reflects a significant shift in their approach to these mysterious sightings.

After a year-long investigation, an independent team commissioned by NASA highlighted the challenge posed by the negative stigma surrounding UAPs, hindering the collection of essential data.

NASA aims to reframe the discourse surrounding UAPs, focusing on scientific inquiry rather than sensationalism.

It’s important to note that the investigation did not uncover any evidence suggesting extraterrestrial origins for UAPs.

However, NASA acknowledges the vastness of the universe and the possibility of other Earth-like planets, making the existence of extraterrestrial life a possibility.


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