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Ubisoft Rumored To Be Releasing 2 New ‘Far Cry’ Games

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Ubisoft Rumored To Be Releasing 2 New 'Far Cry' Games

(CTN NEWS) – According to rumors, Ubisoft is developing a standalone Far Cry multiplayer game in addition to Far Cry 7, the upcoming major release in the franchise.

Insider Gamer first reported the information, but Kotaku has subsequently confirmed it. According to sources, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot mentioned both of these next Far Cry instalments last week during an internal business update.

The same sources also disclosed that Ubisoft’s Snowdrop engine, utilized for Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, is being used to create Far Cry 7 (also known internally as Project Blackbird).

The Dunia engine was used in the most current Far Cry games as a general point of interest.

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Regarding multiplayer, also referred to as Project Maverick internally, Insider Gaming claims that it was originally intended to be an independent game rather than a component of the primary Far Cry game.

According to sources, Maverick is a shooter that advertises itself as headquartered in “the Alaskan wilderness.”

“Mechanics such as permadeath, a bag system, contracts, and more” will purportedly be included in it. The phrase “and more” here may be referring to lootable chests and extraction zones, images of which Insider Gaming has seen.

“We don’t comment on rumors or speculation; a Ubisoft representative informed Eurogamer when approached for additional comment on these reports.”

Ubisoft, meanwhile, revealed earlier this month that it has shelved three “unannounced” games and put off the problematic pirate ship game Skull and Bones yet another time.

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The most recent Far Cry game took players to Yara.

On top of the four projects it already abandoned last summer, this is all new.

One canceled project was Project Q, Ubisoft’s sparsely-detailed PvP battle arena game.

Ubisoft and its staff have had a difficult start to the year. The situation was made worse by contentious remarks made by the firm’s CEO, Yves Guillemot.

The CEO of Ubisoft reportedly warned employees that it was up to them to save the company by delivering games “on schedule and at the desired level of quality.”


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