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How Casual Games Took Over The Market



How Casual Games Took Over The Market

The casual Games genre is becoming increasingly lucrative and popular. What so strongly attracts users to online casino Vulkanbet such seemingly simple games? Let’s find out together.

Why are casual gamess so addictive?

Casual and Puzzle are games for a wide range of users, many of whom don’t even consider themselves gamers. Casual and Puzzle doesn’t have super complicated rules – usually the gist of the game lies on the surface and is clear to everyone without any instructions.

The first mobile casual games were Tetris and Snake.

Trends in the casual games market: Storytelling

A high bar for match-3 games was set by the Playrix studio by providing their projects Homescapes, Wildscapes and Fishdom with not only beautiful animation but also an interesting story.

The offer has generated demand from players, and audiences are now paying more attention to the story. Therefore, it is likely that in the future we will encounter games with a strong storyline more often.

Casual Games: What They Are and How the Genre Has Evolved

The basic mechanics of the game are packed into beautiful locations, wrapped in a mysterious story and flavored with good humor. By the way, i-Spy is a cool way to develop your attention to detail and your patience. If you are not yet convinced of that, just try it.

Time-management games are about service or business. Manage your hotel, helping the residents on time, making delicious cocktails quickly to keep the visitors satisfied or restocking the supermarket and letting the customers know if the food is available – those are the standard tasks in time-management games.

Games like Gates of Olympus slot VulkanBet, Supermarket Mania Journey, Potion Punch and Turbo Team Hotel Management force you to be 100% attentive and react quickly to events.

However, there are more relaxing games in this genre as well. Take Sally’s Spa, for example, where you choose your nail polish colour and get a stone massage. All with smooth music and cheering praise on your device.

Hyper Casual

Hyper Casual are the easiest and fastest games you can play, usually just by tapping the screen. A true giant in the world of Hyper Casual is Voodoo with their endless

  • Cube Surfer;
  • Rolly Hill;
  • Draw Joust.

These games share one main goal, simple controls, concise visuals and a constantly repeating scenario:

  • running;
  • jumping;
  • collecting falling objects.

The rising popularity of the genre Hidden Object

The appearance of such a strong project as Manor Matters on the gaming arena will provoke a wave of interest to this genre not only from the players, but also from the developers. So it is to be expected that someone will want to repeat the success of the project.

Supporting successful projects and expanding the product line. Noticing the audience’s need for quality games, studios are increasingly taking on spin-offs.

Homescapes and Gardenscapes are the best proof of this. Playrix is opting for a great strategy to capture the match-3 market and improve its position.

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