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New State Mobile May Update Out With New Survivor Pass, Map, Weapon & More



New State Mobile May Update Out With New Survivor Pass, Map, Weapon & More

(CTN News) – Krafton announced that New State Mobile’s May update is available on the Google Play Store and Android App Store as of May 20, 2022. The new update brings a grassy map under a bridge (with watchtowers and a river separating the two sides), a new designated marksman rifle (DMR), recruiting opposing knocked players with a new action feature called piggyback, and the launch of Survivor Pass Vol. 7 and more.

New State Mobile May update new features

  • Underbridge Comes to Round Deathmatch: Underbridge is the newest map in the Round Deathmatch mode! Mid-to-long-range battles are encouraged on the map. Each camp has watchtowers that allow players to see enemy positions from a distance. Care Packages will not spawn in Underbridge, which was the previously released map for Round Deathmatch.
  • New Leveling System in Round Deathmatch: In the May Update, Round Deathmatch adopted a new combat leveling system. Battle XP is now awarded based on Team/Round Deathmatch results, including win, loss, kill, and damage. Combat XP is not available to players who leave a match and/or their squadmates during a fight. In the Round Deathmatch preset, players will receive a gun customization kit once they reach a certain combat level.
  • New Weapon – M110A1: M110A1 is the newest DMR to join the fold at New State Mobile. DMRs using 7.62mm ammo have the fastest bullet velocity in the game. The M110A1 has a balanced damage output and stable recoil, as well as a large number of accessories, including a scope, magazine, muzzle, and cheek pad slot.
  • Victorious Piggyback: New State Mobile offers a new action feature called piggyback. You can now piggyback knocked-out players (allies and enemies alike) and carry them to safety. While using the piggyback action, players should be aware of their surroundings – other actions will be unavailable.
  • Survivor Pass Vol. 7: The May Update brings a new Survivor Pass featuring Paul Rubin from the New State faction on New State Mobile. Each week, Story Missions are released that allow players to earn Paul Rubin’s costumes and character appearance.

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