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Epic Games Should Create The Best Android Game Store For Me

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Epic Games
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(CTN News) – Since I’ve been playing mobile games for the last decade, it sounds foolish to pin my hopes on Epic Games.

Most PC gamers are frustrated by the company’s constant commitment to exclusives while refusing to let us purchase and play quality PC games on Steam or any other quality store.

In essence, Epic Games does not have the best reputation when it comes to digital storefronts, but after recently winning its battle with Google and the Play Store, the company has published a list of demands for a judge to impose on the company.

So, despite Epic’s reputation for running a poor excuse of a games store on PC, I am hopeful its recent lawsuit and pressure on Google will result in the Play Store opening up to competition so we can finally get a competent storefront to purchase quality mobile games, since the Play Store is a wasteland of gambling junk that targets children and the uninformed.

What’s the point of Epic Games running a second game store?

Google is the best they could do

It’s pretty sad when one awful company wishes to make another awful company behave. However, this is the land of Android, controlled by Google, and Google always comes first. Play Store has been a mess since the company began, with new subscriptions and gambling apps being pushed under our noses instead of improving it. As someone who has tracked Android games for a long time, I know how difficult it can be to find good free games on the Play Store.

I’ve created hundreds of lists of the best games on the Play Store, so I understand how difficult it can be to find them. We don’t have to live this way. Digital stores like Steam can serve the consumer well, but premium games that cost one-time fees aren’t what Google wants us to buy when it can sell subscriptions and FOMO for a 30% cut. Because Google does not earn much from good games, it hides them from us, which is why Steam needs an Android version.

Android needs a quality digital game store

Epic Games can do this

It may sound crazy, but Epic Games is in the best position to create a mobile game store that caters exclusively to gamers, despite third-party stores like TapTap.

By learning from its failures on the PC side, it has already started improving the store (they did add a cart eventually, after all), and it also has some key games under its belt, such as Fortnite, that will draw in a lot of players.

It needs to take advantage of the chance to finally create a mobile game store that highlights quality Epic Games rather than free-to-play trash; that’s all it needs to do: make it the first mobile game store that highlights and lists the games gamers want to play. As Steam shows daily, putting the consumer first is certainly possible.


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