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The Ultimate online blackjack tips for online gaming

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The Ultimate online blackjack tips for online gaming

Blackjack, also known as 21, is one of the most played casino card games. This traditional game has been around for hundreds of years and has been reimagined for the web, there is now a fantastic range of blackjack games to play.

The aim of this game is to have a hand of cards with a higher total value than the dealer’s hand without going over the number 21. Numbered cards have their face value, while King, Queen and Jacks are valued at 10 and Ace cards can either be 1 or 11.

Just like poker, blackjack is both a game of chance and skill. Learning about blackjack strategy and best practice play can help you to become a more successful player and have even more fun when playing the game.

In this piece, we provide advice to follow when playing blackjack and explain how these tips will improve your online experience and outcome when playing:

Understand how online virtual blackjack differs from traditional casino blackjack

Firstly, if you are someone that plays the traditional game at a land based casino, it is vitally important to understand how the online version of the game is different. In the land based version of the game, some players will try to count the cards in order to determine what hand their opponent has, however in digital blackjack this isn’t possible.

The mechanical procedure run by the game’s software makes counting the cards very difficult. The deck is shuffled after each turn and a random number generator is responsible for the outcome. Therefore, players shouldn’t rely on this strategy to help them to win the game.

Remember card order

Card ranking is different in blackjack than it is in poker and it is imperative that you remember what each card ranks as. In blackjack, the ace card can be either 1 or 11, the numeric cards have their face value and the remainder are valued at 10.

Blackjack does require a certain level of mathematical ability as you will need to be able to mentally add up the values of the cards you have in hand. While that sounds easy, doing this under pressure during the game can be more challenging.

Avoid the insurance bet

Have you heard of the blackjack insurance bet? The insurance bet is a side bet that is offered when the dealer’s upturned card is an Ace. The payout is 2-1 if the dealer has a total value of 21 (or blackjack).

The player is able to place a separate bet that is equal to half of their original wager on the insurance line. If you lose the insurance bet, the game will then continue on as usual.

However, the insurance bet typically has poor odds as the chances of having a natural blackjack are not that high. Meaning you are more likely to lose money than win it in this instance.

Nevertheless, there are certain circumstances when the insurance bet might be recommended. For example, if you have been betting conservatively and would like an opportunity to stretch your bankroll a little further.

Understand the house edge

Every casino game will have a house edge. Conveyed as a percentage, the house edge explains the profit a casino can expect to make in each iteration of the game. For blackjack, the standard house edge is considered to be around 2 percent.

This means that, in the long run, the casino predicts they will make a profit margin of around two percent of the money that is wagered. There are certain conditions that can change this house edge, such as options given to the player like doubling or splitting or the number of card decks used.

Manage your bankroll effectively

To succeed in casino gaming you need to learn how to budget your money effectively. Decide in advance what the highest wager you are willing and able to make is, so that you do not get swept up in the moment during gameplay and bet more than you can comfortably afford to do so.

Bankroll management takes good discipline and careful planning but is absolutely essential for all blackjack players playing cash games.

Try out different strategies e.g. Martingale

There are a number of different strategies and systems that have been designed by some of the best blackjack players. Some players will use these strategies religiously every game while others may try them now and again.

For example, the martingale strategy involves doubling the bet after each loss but reducing bets by half following a win.

Learn the different variants of the game

Lastly, get to grips with all variants of blackjack, such as European and American blackjack, and understand how the rules differ for each one.

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