Dragonflight Should Feature More Prominent Azeroth Lore Characters



(CTN News) – World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is here, and it’s shaping up to be a stellar expansion. After years of controversial cosmic adventures, it’s brought Azeroth back to the forefront, and it seems to be fixing a lot of the mistakes from before.

It’s an intriguing story, it’s got engaging systems, and it feels like it’s in a gorgeous place. There are, however, a lot of characters missing from the storyline.

There’s a fight to reclaim the ancestral homeland of the Dragonflights of Azeroth at the center of the Dragonflight narrative.

A future depends on overcoming their ancient adversary and raising their Oathstones. Failure to do so could mean the end of Azeroth. Azeroth’s residents need to pay attention to Dragonflight, but the Horde and Alliance leaders don’t seem to care.

Characters like Thrall and Greymane seem to be sitting this one out, while the fight for the future of the planet is in full swing on the Dragon Isles.

Dragonflight Conflict Could Change Azeroth

Dragonflights want their powers back and to renew their pledge to protect Azeroth, while Primalists want to rid the planet of the titans’ stain.

Primalists will do whatever it takes to get this done, and they’ve only grown stronger since the Vault of Incarnates raid.

In multiple zones, they’ve attacked the forces of Azeroth and meddled with the elements.

During the Thaldraszus leveling campaign, players saw their ultimate goal when they got to the Primalist Tomorrow, and it seems more likely than ever that the Primalists will win.

To rid the world of the Titans’ stain, Warcraft’s Azeroth must rid itself of many mortal races. Titan-forged races were directly created by the Titan Pantheon, which is why humans, dwarves, and gnomes descend from them.

Orcs are thought to have descended from Titan-forged races on Draenor, just like goblins.

To effectively rid Azeroth of the titans’ stain, the Primalists will have to look toward the mortal races eventually, even though extinction of dragons is their primary goal.

The Primalists’ mission will change all of Azeroth forever if they succeed. Thrall, Baine Bloodhoof, Jaina Proudmoore, Genn Greymane, all these iconic lore characters should be paying attention to this.

Instead, it seems like only Dragon Aspects and Khadgar are fighting. They’re having tea parties and twiddling their thumbs, which doesn’t make sense.

All of these major characters could appear by the end of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight’s first major patch. After the release of the Primal Incarnates, the bulk of Azeroth’s forces could be drawn into a larger war story.

We’ll have to see if that actually happens, but it would make sense.

Azeroth’s forces should fight the Primalists in order to protect Azeroth. Instead, it feels like random mortals are trying to stop them.

In light of the story that the developers are telling, this makes no sense. Blizzard needs to give Azeroth lore characters a greater role in Dragonflight.


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