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Fortnite Guardian Shields And Block Shots

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Fortnite Guardian Shields And Block Shots

(CTN News) – There is a new item in Fortnite called the Guardian Shields. This item can be found in areas of the map that are filled with castles, which you can find when you are running around.

Despite the fact that it isn’t quite as much fun as slamming someone with the Shockwave Hammer or spearing them with the Ex-Caliber Rifle, it is still a pretty powerful weapon on its own.

The Guardian Shield is a tool that allows you to gradually raise a forcefield in front of yourself while you’re moving, or you can whack it down on the ground to create a large protective barrier—pretty handy if you’ve got someone shooting at you and nowhere else to hide.

There is also a weekly quest you will have to complete in order to earn that XP. This means you’ll have to use one sooner or later if you want that XP.

What is the Fortnite Guardian Shield and where can you get it? Here is how it works and where you can find one.

Guardian Shields can be found at the following locations: 

There is no better way to obtain a Guardian Shields than to open up one of the new Oathbound Chests.

As you can see on the map, these imposing white treasure chests are easy to spot because they are inside or nearby the castle-like buildings in the yellow areas of the map.

Considering that Guardian Shields are not guaranteed chest loot, the most effective way to get them is to head to areas where they occur a lot.

This is The Citadel, Breakwater Bay, or Shattered Slabs, which are some of the areas where they spawn.

The interactive map on (opens in a new tab) provides a complete listing of potential spawn locations for Oathbound Chests.

As a result, I found that The Citadel was an excellent place to look for them, since there are many buildings nearby that may contain Oathbound Chests.

Guardian Shield: How to use it

As soon as you have gotten your hands on a Guardian Shields, you will be able to use it to block shots from being fired. A left mouse click will allow you to hold up the shield while moving. A right mouse click will allow you to aim and throw the shield down to create a static barricade while still moving.

A Guardian Shields charge gradually decreases while it is active, and it’ll begin to flash red before it turns off as soon as it runs out of charge.

You can pick it up again once it‘s cooldown has ended, and once it’s recharging is complete, you’ll be able to use it again once the cooldown has finished.

It is important to note that if you plant the shield, the shots blocked will not count towards the completion of the quest. Therefore, you must use its moveable version to be able to complete the challenge instead of planting the shield.


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