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Destiny’s Zavala Will Be Played By Keith David, Replacing Lance Reddick



Destiny's Zavala Will Be Played By Keith David, Replacing Lance Reddick

(CTN News) – Bungie has announced that Commander Zavala has been recast in Destiny 2, following Lance Reddick’s untimely death earlier in the year.

The English-language voice of Zavala will be taken over by Keith David, former actor of The Thing, They Live, and Nope, who has played the role in films such as The Thing, They Live, and Nope.

With no doubt, David’s ongoing role as Zavala of Destiny 2 will kick off with the upcoming expansion of the game, The Final Shape, due for release in 2024, which will mark the beginning of David’s role as Zavala.

The lines that Reddick currently has in Destiny 2 will be left untouched for the upcoming release of the game, as Bungie explains.

David said in a brief blog post on Bungie’s website that he was honored to carry on Lance Reddick’s incredible work as Zavala in the future.

I thought Lance did a wonderful job capturing the character’s sense of integrity in his portrayal. It is my intention to continue that work in the future.”

Bungie previously worked with David during his time at Bungie on the Halo series, where he portrayed The Arbiter in the Halo series.

During his 40-year acting career, David has played a variety of roles in video games, including memorable roles in franchises such as Mass Effect, Saints Row, and Call of Duty.

It was recently announced by Bungie that “the team is excited about what [Keith David] can bring to the role of a Commander going forward.”. In the coming months and years, we will always remember the role Zavala has played so far, and we look forward to seeing what comes next.”.

In March, Lance Reddick, a popular actor known for his prominent roles in HBO’s The Wire, the John Wick movies, and Bungie’s Destiny games, passed away at the age of 52.

He was 60 years old at the time. As Zavala, he’d been serving as the Titan Vanguard for Destiny players from the very beginning. In the gaming world, Reddick became a daily presence for many longtime Destiny players (especially Titan-class players), since he was a fixture for nearly a decade in their gaming lives.

As one of the most vital figures in the Tower of Destiny, Zavala is an ever-present figure in the story of Destiny.


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