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Police Summon Girl after Her Name Found on Package of Ecstasy from Belgium

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A 15-year-old girl in Khon Kaen province was summoned by the Royal Thai Police after her name appeared as the recipient of a parcel containing 4,600 ecstasy pills.

The young girl whose name was on the parcel filed a petition with Damrongdhamma Centre on Thursday. Consequently asking the government for help clearing her name.

The young girl was also accompanied by her mother and their village head to the police station.


On Tuesday, the 15 year-old girl received a call from the police station. Police asking her and her parents to report to the station regarding the package.

According to the police, the parcel had been mailed to a rented room in Samut Prakan province. As the parcel was not collected, police in Samut Prakan finally opened it and found the pills inside. The parcel had been sent from an address in Belgium.

The girl and her mother insisted they had never travelled to Samut Prakan province. She would meet with police as required, in order to prove her innocence.

News Source: Bangkok Post, Thairath