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Why a Front Pocket Wallet is Better than a Back Pocket Wallet



When shopping for a wallet from the local store or an online one, you will realize that most producers offer them in many styles, colors, shapes and materials. Unfortunately, most of them will not match your needs.

You are likely to narrow down your choices to a back pocket wallet or the front pocket wallet. But before you pay for the back pocket wallet, you have to consider the benefits of the Kinzd front pocket wallet and the similar wallets.

The key difference between the back pocket wallet and the front pocket relates to where you place it.

People carry the back pocket wallet in your back pocket and the front pocket wallet in your front pocket, shirt pocket or inner pocket of your coat. Here are some of the benefits front pocket wallets provide.

Reduce the Risk of Pick Pocketing

Most pickpockets like crowded areas such as airports, subways and bus stations. When going to such areas, the first thing you should do is remove your wallet from the back pocket and place it in the front pocket. If you see that that is inconvenient, you should go for a front pocket wallet because it will be unnoticeable when inside your pocket.

No Bulges

Back pocket wallets are bulky and will make your pocket bulge. On the other hand, front pocket wallets are slim and will never bulge. Therefore, if you want to maintain a slim appearance, the front pocket wallet is the right choice. Large wallets are known to damage the back pockets too, causing holes and rips. Before you know it, you will be shopping for new jeans.

It is Comfortable

A back wallet will cause low back pain. Even more, sitting on it the whole day will make you uncomfortable. With a front pocket wallet, you will not have to adjust your sitting position repeatedly. Large wallets are known to cause imbalance and distort the hips and pelvis. They cause sciatica and joints degeneration. Chiropractors claim that sitting on a large wallet for only 30 minutes per day can result in low back pain. That is why you will have to place the back pocket in a place you can see it when sitting down.

Your cards will last for a longer time

Your store cards, debit cards and credit cards will last for many days when stored in a front pocket wallet. When in a back pocket wallet, you will be sitting on them most of the time and you are likely to crush them. That could easily scratch the electronic strips and leave the cards unreadable.

Declutter your life

Front pocket wallets like the Kinzd front pocket wallet are slim and therefore they do not offer the room for unnecessary items. With one, you will always throw away expired cards, receipts, unusable coupons and any unusable thing. After that, you will be able to organize the cards such that the cards you use mostly will be at the front and the photographic ID will be accessible. When in a queue or crowded places, you will find your cards easily.

Looks better

Back pocket wallets will look good during the purchase but after a short time, they will look creased, battered, scuffed and torn. Front wallets remain in the front pocket and therefore do not go through the same abuse as that of the back pocket wallets. They, therefore, last for a long time and maintain their elegant and stylish appearance.


Unlike a back pocket wallet, a front pocket wallet will rarely slip out of the pocket without you noticing it. Your front pockets are tighter and they allow the wallet to sit at a good angle. And due to the small size of front pocket wallets, you will have more space in your pocket to carry the keys and phone. Keep the keys in a separate pocket to avoid scratching your phone and wallet.

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