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Over 1,000 Tonnes uncover illegal e-waste Uncovered in central Thailand



Over 1,000 Tonnes uncover illegal e-waste Uncovered in central Thailand

(CTN News) – During a raid that was conducted by the Department of Industrial Works and the Department of Pollution Control, an illegal importation of electronic garbage, also known as e-waste, was discovered.

They uncovered more than a thousand tonnes of the garbage in three factories that were located in the provinces of Pathum Thani and Chachoengsao.

Today was the day that the Office of the Public Sector Anti-Corruption Commission (PACC) was subjected to the inspection that had been requested by Police Lieutenant General Puthidech Bungrapheu.

Following the court’s issuance of a search warrant, authorities from the Department of Industrial Works and the Department of Pollution Control Department raided two firms, one of which was located in Lam Luk Ka, Pathum Thani.

At the location, they found a single woman who managed the institution; her name was Nuengruethai, but no more information was provided.

The police investigated another business in Khao Hin Sorn, Phanom Sarakham, and Chachoengsao simultaneously as the first business. They located a woman at the second location who they recognized as Siraphat, and she was also managing the operations there.

During the search, they discovered 1,960 electronic products, 60 laptops, and an additional 1,000 kilograms of electronic parts that they thought had been unlawfully smuggled from another country.

The investigators had previously obtained information regarding the illegal importation of electronic garbage, which is a restricted commodity because it can potentially cause air pollution.

According to KhaoSod, the factories were used as storage and sorting facilities for the e-waste, which had a combined weight of more than one thousand tonnes.

During their interrogation, the management of the company claimed that they had purchased some of the things from the neighboring villagers, but they were unable to give any documentation to back up their allegation.

The preliminary investigations also indicated that all three businesses had been operating without providing the required notifications, had built machinery without authorization, and had been discharging waste gases from their industrial operations without a suitable pollution control system.

The offenses violate the Factory Act and any other applicable legislation. As a direct result of this, all of the evidence has been seized, and cases have been opened per the law by the investigation officers of the PACC. The accused have been requested to turn over any pertinent papers so the investigation can proceed.

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