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Monitor Lizard Blamed for Widespread Flooding in Bangkok

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A monitor lizard has been blamed for widespread flooding in Bangkok after it allegedly got stuck in a large water pump in the Bang Khen district.

Flooding affected the Bang Khen roundabout and nearby areas between Tuesday morning and Wednesday.

During the morning rush hour on Tuesday, when the new school year began, flooding inundated many parts of northern Bangkok and caused traffic to a standstill.

Chaos was reported on flooded sections of Ratchadaphisek and Phahon Yothin roads and areas straddling Bang Sue and Chatuchak districts.

The water level also rose in some areas of Ram Intra Road, particularly around Ram Intra Soi 5, the Amarin housing estate, and the communities near Klong Rang Or and Klong Rang Kaew.

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Four large water pumps at the water station covering those areas either shut down every 15 minutes or stopped working altogether.

The fast-deployment team found a monitor lizard inside one of the pumps, halting its operation. The problem was fixed, and the pump was operational again.

Monitor lizards often inhabit water, says Rujira Mahaprom, a specialist at Save Wildlife Thailand. It is possible that the lizard entered the pump as it looked for shelter or a place to hide. Animals can move freely in Bangkok’s extensive water-drainage system.

Monitoring lizards getting into the pumps is no easy task, he said.

Even with wire mesh installed at the drainage system’s entrances, the lizards can squirm through, Mr. Rujira said.

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