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Israeli ex-hostage Says She Feared Being Raped by Gaza Captor



Israeli ex-hostage Says She Feared Being Raped by Gaza Captor

(CTN News) – Among the many hostages held by Hamas militants in Gaza was an Israeli-French woman who has spoken out about her terror of being raped by the shooter who kept vigil over her at all hours.

After a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas expired in late November, 21-year-old Mia Schem was released from captivity. She became a media sensation while in captivity due to Palestinians releasing videos of her receiving care for a gunshot wound to the arm.

Schem recounted the horrific events of Oct. 7, when hundreds of revelers were killed when infiltrators from Hamas stormed a dance near the Gaza border, as he was interviewed on Israeli TV. Her car was attacked and set on fire as she attempted to escape. She gave in while tending to her injury.

“It was a split-second decision, whether to stay put and burn to death or go with him,” she said Channel 13, referring to the gunman who grabbed her as she climbed out of the burning car.

According to Schem, she was taken into the Gaza Strip in a pickup van and confined to a room for three days while a crude splint was applied on her arm.

The next stop was at the residence of a Hamas gunman, where she claimed he kept watch over her as she slept.

Forcibly confined to a dimly lit chamber, I was informed that I could not speak, be seen, heard, or be hidden. She warned that a terrorist was watching her at all times, as if raping her with his gaze.

Some people are afraid of dying, others are afraid of being raped. She confessed, “I was terrified,” and went on to say that she felt some relief that his wife was there, even though she was hostile toward her.

He left the room while his wife and children remained outside. “That was the sole justification for him not to rape me,” Schem stated.

The Palestinian group Hamas has rejected claims that its members sexually abused Israeli hostages.

While still in Gaza, Schem claimed to have been treated nicely during her release on November 30; nevertheless, she explained to Channel 13 in an interview that she felt forced to provide that narrative.

Schem claimed that throughout her 54 days held captive, the captor’s wife had “toyed” with her by simultaneously feeding him and withholding food from her.

“His wife hated the fact that he and I were in the same room,” stated Schem. “Sometimes, all it takes to just let your guard down is a good embrace from another lady. You didn’t have anything else. However, she was a terrible woman because she was cruel and had evil eyes.

Schem further by saying that the captive had told her he didn’t love his wife.

Even though the building where she was detained had broken windows and she was momentarily rendered deaf, she claimed that the clamor of Israel’s shelling of the Palestinian enclave did not faze her.

I reasoned that I wouldn’t die now if I didn’t on October 7th. I had faith in the armed forces.

Unfortunately, Elia Toledano, Schem’s best friend, was aided too late. Although he was abducted alongside her, he was later killed in what Hamas claimed was an Israeli air strike.

His remains were among four others discovered last month by the Israeli military, who claimed to be investigating the circumstances behind their murders.


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