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Fake IDs are essentials you must always think about. Assume you’re 20 years and you’ve had a long day. Taking a couple of drinks will absolutely free your stress but you can’t have it, in some states. Why? Probably because the legal drinking age is 21 years or you’ll have to get the supervision of your parents. This situation can be frustrating which is why ID God is here to lessen the frustration.

ID God is one of the best’s fake ID designers you can ever hire. The website has been in existence since 2004 and has been supplying valid fake IDs since then. Fake IDs are different in terms of quality and of course, card designers. Some fake ID creators buy fake IDs for you and it’ll look nothing like the real issued card. However, that’s not the case with ID God.

ID God will design your desired fake ID from scratch and make sure it can pass off as the real card. The card will even have the details of the real card, such that it’ll look believable. Moreover, you must be thinking “Does this website have the Fake ID for my state?”, Of course. ID God designs several Fake IDs and you’ll see the list below.

Here are the States Fake ID you can get from ID God

  • Alabama Fake ID
  • Arizona Fake ID
  • California Fake ID
  • Colorado Fake ID
  • Connecticut Fake ID
  • Florida Fake ID
  • Georgia Fake ID
  • Hawaii Fake ID
  • Illinois Fake ID
  • Iowa Fake ID
  • Kansas Fake ID
  • Kentucky Fake ID
  • Louisiana Fake ID
  • Maine Fake ID
  • Massachusetts Fake ID
  • Michigan Fake ID
  • Minnesota Fake ID
  • Mississippi Fake ID
  • Missouri Fake ID
  • Montana Fake ID
  • Nevada Fake ID
  • New Hampshire Fake ID
  • New Jersey Fake ID
  • New Mexico Fake ID
  • New York Fake ID
  • North Carolina Fake ID
  • North Dakota Fake ID
  • Ohio Fake ID
  • Oregon Fake ID
  • Pennsylvania Fake ID
  • Rhode Island Fake ID
  • South Carolina Fake ID
  • South Dakota Fake ID
  • Tennessee Fake ID
  • Texas Fake ID
  • Utah Fake ID
  • Vermont Fake ID
  • Virginia Fake ID
  • Washington DC
  • Washington Fake ID
  • West Virginia Fake ID
  • Wisconsin Fake ID
  • Wyoming Fake ID

Advantages of using ID God Services.

1) Same material as the State Card

Do you know fake IDs can be valid? ID God will design valid and believable IDs for you. The ID will be of the same material as the state-issued card. Thus, you’ll have no issue.

2) Accurate details.

To put people off from creating fake IDs, the state usually adds small details that can differentiate a real card from a counterfeit. With ID God, all these small details will be incorporated into your fake ID. Hence, it’ll look like a replica of the state card.

Also, ID God makes sure your spellings, Date of Birth, License number, etc are correctly added to prevent troubles with the law.

3) Blacklight test

Bartenders usually do a black light test for IDs. Sometimes, the ultraviolet design of the card will react verifying the card as authentic. ID God also creates IDs that can pass any blacklight test and you won’t have a problem getting into a club.

4) Scannable IDs

IDs are sometimes passed into a licence reader to scan. Accurately scanned IDs will be real while the inaccurate ones will be deemed fake. With ID God, your IDs will get an encoded 2D barcode and magnetic stripe that will make the card scannable in any license reader.

5) Price

The price of fake IDs by ID God is quite affordable. It’s a price you can easily fit into your budget. With only $80, you’ll have a valid and believable fake ID you can use for generations to come.


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