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GLO Launches Digital Lottery Ticket Sales March 17th in Thailand

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GLO Launches Digital Lottery Ticket Sales March 17th in Thailand

(CTN News) – The Government Lottery Office (GLO) will launch its website on Sunday, where vendors can sell digital lottery tickets.

In a statement on Tuesday, GLO director Noon Sansanakhom said vendors who won a quota for selling 23 million digital lottery tickets could start selling them on the GLO website. Tickets go online for the April 1 draw on March 17.

The website address is

In the past, GLO worked with Krungthai Bank to let recipients of digital lottery quotas sell tickets through the Pao Tang app.

Noon said GLO decided to set up the website since many consumers found using Pao Tang’s app inconvenient.

If you want to sell digital lottery tickets on the website, you’ll need a tablet computer, a smart TV or an iOS or Android smartphone. Tickets will cost 80 baht each, and you can get them through an automated QR code in the Pao Tang app. A QR code is valid for a limited time, and if you don’t pay on time, it won’t work.

You can’t share the digital lottery tickets you buy with anyone else. They’ll be automatically stored in the buyer’s Pao Tang app.

What is Digital Lottery Tickets:

It’s like an electronic version of a paper lottery ticket. Instead of buying a ticket in person, you can play online or through a mobile app. Thanks to this shift towards digitalization, people now have more convenience and accessibility when they play lottery games.

Benefits of Digital Lottery Tickets


Digital lottery tickets are convenient because you don’t have to buy them at a physical vendor. You can buy them anywhere with your internet-enabled phone.


Digital lottery tickets are easier to use and more accessible for people living in remote areas or with mobility problems.


Digital lotteries often offer more transparency than traditional lottery systems. You can track your tickets, see the results live, and determine how your tickets were distributed.

The Impact of Digital Lottery Tickets in Thailand

Thais have both been enthusiastic and sceptical about adopting digital lottery tickets. While some love the convenience and accessibility, others worry about security and regulations. Even so, digital lottery tickets are gaining traction, paving the way for future innovations in the lottery market.

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