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Congress Hears Robert Hur’s Defense Of Biden’s Classified Documents Probe

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Congress Hears Robert Hur's Defense Of Biden's Classified Documents Probe

(CTN News) – At a congressional hearing on the probe, former special counsel Robert Hur defended his report and investigation. A political firestorm erupted after Hur’s testimony before the House Judiciary Committee Tuesday.

I believe my assessment of the relevance of the President’s memory was accurate and fair,” Hur said. A month earlier, Hur said Biden hadn’t mishandled classified materials. Biden’s sympathetic, well-meaning description overshadowed Robert Hur.

Biden’s age and fitness were debated. Hur’s comments sparked fury. A hastily scheduled press conference defended Biden. The GOP replayed Biden’s press conference to raise questions about mental acuity. His language was not criticized by either side, including by Democrats.

“I wrote what I believed the evidence showed,” Robert Hur said. “The attorney general understood.” No problem.” This case demanded a full explanation of Hur’s decisions.

The attorney general must investigate the president’s actions. It was not enough to recommend no charges. That’s why.” He called Hur’s assessment “necessary, accurate, fair, and necessary.”

Defiant White House

Biden’s memory is being characterized in the report aggressively by the White House.

It was clear from three pages of Robert Hur’s report that his statement that Biden willfully retained materials was false even before Hur spoke.

It seems Robert Hur report contradicts itself. It appears that Mr. Biden did not retain the classified documents willfully, and that they could have been brought to these locations by accident. Page 177: “We cannot prove that Mr. Biden retained these classified documents willfully.” As the president dealt with the fallout from Hamas’ Oct. 7 attacks on Israel, he sat down with Hur over two days – Oct. 8 and 9.

An NPR reporter obtained Biden’s interview transcript. During two days of interviews last October, Biden cracked jokes, discussed the design of his Wilmington home in detail and spoke with confidence about world happenings. A bit sassy.

In the deposition, he also repeated the phrase “I don’t know,” “I don’t remember,” “I have no goddamn idea,” and similar phrases. In Hur’s report last month, the 258-page transcript painted a nuanced picture of the president.

Biden was trying to recall the year of certain events, like Donald Trump winning in 2016 and Beau’s death. He remembered the day, May 30, but not the year. Interview questions bounced around.

Classified documents: two approaches

Jack Smith is investigating Trump for allegedly mishandling classified documents after leaving office. There were boxes of classified materials found at Trump’s Florida estate. The president and his co-defendants have pleaded not guilty.

In both cases, classified materials are involved. The records were promptly returned to Biden. According to reports, Trump actively obstructs the Justice Department’s retrieval efforts.

Hur noted that the two cases differed in several material ways.

Trump’s allegations would constitute serious aggravating factors, unlike the evidence involving Biden.”

Report’s impact on politics

Biden and Trump look set to rematch in 2024, based on Hur’s appearance. Robert Hur depicted Biden as an elderly man with memory problems by Republicans. Robert Hur appearance comes at a time when House Republicans are increasingly sceptical about the impeachment probe.

Reps. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, and James Comer, R-Ky., have been investigating Biden’s foreign business dealings for months without producing any direct evidence. A central figure in the investigation now faces federal charges.

Hur’s appearance is not related to the central allegations, but his testimony will still be used by the party to emphasize lawmakers’ concerns about Biden’s fitness.


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