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Buddhist Lent aka Ok Phansa Festival celebrations end October 30 in Thailand



Buddhist Lent aka Ok Phansa Festival celebrations end October 30 in Thailand

(CTN News) – The Ok Phansa Festival, a significant event marking the culmination of the Buddhist Lent, is celebrated with great fervor across Thailand. This time of festivity and merit-making is observed in different styles and on various dates, depending on the regions and their unique traditions.

From October 20 to 30, various unique events and festivals are set to take place in different parts of Thailand, each with its cultural significance and rituals. Let’s explore some of these remarkable celebrations that showcase Thailand’s rich heritage and devotion to Buddhist traditions.

Illuminated Boat Procession in Nakhon Phanom:

From October 20 to 30, the Mekong River in the Mueang District will be the scene of the Illuminated Boat Procession. This procession in Nakhon Phanom features beautifully decorated boats paying homage to Lord Buddha.

These floating vessels also make offerings to the mythical Naga serpent believed to reside in the river. This event is a mesmerizing blend of spirituality and artistry, showcasing the Thai reverence for their cultural and natural heritage.

Rap Bua Festival in Samut Prakan:

The Rap Bua Festival, taking place from October 22 to 30 at the Bang Phli City Hall and Wat Bang Phli Yai Nai in Samut Prakan, is a unique ancient Buddhist tradition.

It features a barge procession carrying a replica of the Luangpho To Buddhist image along Khlong Samrong. Local residents of Bang Phli District participate in the Rap Bua activity, which involves receiving lotus. This festival is a beautiful expression of community spirit and devotion.

Wax Castle Festival in Sakon Nakhon:

From October 23 to 29, the Wax Castle Festival in Sakon Nakhon takes center stage at the 80th Chaloem Phrakiat Park and Wat Phrathat Choeng Chum. The event features a procession of intricately carved wax castles that depict scenes from heaven.

These castles are brought to Wat Phrathat Choeng Chum. Additionally, traditional long-boat races are held on the Nong Han Reservoir, adding an element of competition to the festivities.

Naga Fireball World Festival:

The Naga Fireball World Festival, held at various locations including the Mekong River in Mueang District and Lan Naga Boek Fa in Phon Phisai District, centers around unexplained fireballs that annually erupt into the sky from the Mekong River.

This mystical event adds an air of wonder and intrigue to the festivities, making it one of the most unique celebrations in Thailand.

Ok Phansa Festival in Roi Et:

The Ok Phansa Festival in Roi Et will be observed on October 30 at Somdet Phra Srinagarindra Park. The event is famous for the Sorapanya Chanting competition, ‘Khao Thip’ making ceremony, and lantern decorations. These activities demonstrate the cultural and spiritual significance of the festival in Roi Et.

Other Events Across Thailand:

In addition to these festivals, several other events are happening across Thailand during this period. Notable mentions include the Chak Phra, Robe Offering, and Long-boat Racing Festival in Surat Thani, the Chak Phra Festival in Yala, the Tak Bat Devo ceremony in Uthai Thani, and the Tak Bat Devo Festivals in Khon Kaen and Lop Buri. Each of these events offers a unique glimpse into the rich tapestry of Thai culture and spirituality.


The Ok Phansa Festival and the various accompanying events and festivals across Thailand showcase the country’s deep-rooted cultural and religious traditions. From the mystical Naga Fireballs to the intricate wax castles, these celebrations offer a diverse range of experiences that reflect the spiritual and artistic richness of Thai heritage.

It’s a time when communities come together to celebrate, make merit, and pay respect to their beliefs, making these festivals an essential part of Thailand’s cultural identity.

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