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6 Injured After Pickup Crashes into Ambulance



6 Injured After Pickup Crashes into Ambulance

A hospital ambulance and a pickup truck collided at an intersection on Saturday, injuring six people, including a patient and two nurses.

Police Capt Yongyut Sadao, deputy investigation chief at Muang Klao police station in Khon Kaen, said the crash occurred at about 12:15 am.

As police and rescue workers arrived, they found a pickup truck badly damaged in the middle of the intersection.

Next to the pickup, they found an ambulance belonging to Phon Hospital that had struck a power pole on the road divider. Medical equipment was also found scattered over the road.

The patient, two relatives, and two nurses traveling in the ambulance were injured. A passenger of the pickup truck was also injured. All were sent to two nearby hospitals.

The drivers of both vehicles were not injured.

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The pickup driver told police that the light at the intersection had turned green for him to proceed. The ambulance coming from another direction cut in front of his pickup, resulting in the accident.

The force of the crash caused the ambulance driver to lose control and slam into a power pole. The power pole then fell onto another car, waiting for a traffic light.

The windscreen of the car was broken with its hood was damaged.

The ambulance driver told police he was transporting a patient to Khon Kaen Hospital with his emergency lights on along the route. He also switched on the ambulance’s siren when he approached the intersection to prompt motorists to give way.

He said that the pickup driver might not have noticed him.

Police said the cause of the crash would be investigated, and they had yet to press charges against anyone as they needed to talk to everyone involved first.

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