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Biden Signs A $40 Billion Aid Package For Ukraine While In Seoul



Biden Signs A $40 Billion Aid Package For Ukraine While In Seoul

(CTN News) – Joe Biden signed the $40 billion aid package to Ukraine on Saturday, a White House official said.

In the aftermath of Biden’s departure from Washington, the Senate passed the bill.

President Biden signed the bill while attending a state dinner with South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol. Biden signed the aid package off-camera earlier Saturday, along with a bill to improve access to baby formula.

Military and humanitarian aid is provided in the legislation, including funds to support Ukraine’s military and national security forces, help replenish US equipment sent to Ukraine, and provide assistance for Ukrainian refugees.

An official from the National Security Council told CNN that the bill was being flown to South Korea.

Sullivan told reporters traveling with the President on Thursday, “The President does intend to sign the bill while he is on the road so he can sign it expeditiously. The modalities for that are being worked on right now so he can get it and sign it. There will not be a gap for that reason.”

Biden administration provides military assistance to Ukraine

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The bill increases presidential drawdown authority funding from $5 billion to $11 billion. A Presidential drawdown authority allows the administration to send military equipment and weapons from US stocks to Ukraine.

The bill also provides $6 billion for the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, another way the Biden administration provides military assistance to Ukraine. It allows the administration to procure weapons from contractors and then provide them to Ukraine, and as a result it does not draw directly from US stocks.

On a fact sheet from House Democrats, the money will be used to support Ukrainian military and national security forces, including weapons, equipment, training, logistics, and intelligence support.

Additionally, about $9 billion will be allocated to restock the US equipment that was sent to Ukraine, which comes as many lawmakers are concerned about the replacement of weapons the US is giving Ukraine, especially stingers and javelin missiles.

According to a House Democrat fact sheet, the bill provides $3.9 billion for European Command operations, which includes “mission support, intelligence support, hardship pay, and equipment, including a Patriot battery.” The Pentagon has increased US troops in Eastern European countries since the Russian invasion began.

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