How To Make Sure My Solar System Is Suitable For My Home


How to Make Sure My Solar System is Suitable for My Home



6.5% of the total energy production in Australia is generated from the sun’s free radiation.

More homes are taking control of their energy needs with solar panel installation.

Besides, reducing carbon footprint serves a greater good for the environment. Ready to join the green energy movement?

You probably wonder which size solar system is best for my home. This article guides how to compute your appropriate system size.

What’s Your Budget?

It’s excellent to consider an ideal system for your property. However, every system has a unique price tag: the larger the system, the higher the cost.

Therefore, determine the amount of money you can spend on the endeavour.

You can choose an interest-free payment plan if you can’t afford to use solar panels to meet all your home’s energy needs.

It’s not only cost-effective, but you’ll also pay less than the savings from solar panels.

Keep in mind that the panels are only part of the system: you need to factor in the cost of a solar inverter and solar battery, if possible.

Additionally, you may need a consumption monitor: it’s not compulsory, but it helps establish how much energy your panels produce and when.

Inverters only tell you the amount of solar energy the system is generating.

While a solar system’s upfront price can seem hefty, the installation will save you from the constantly increasing energy bills and add value to your property.

What’s Your Energy Usage?

You’ll need to compute the current daily energy usage to know the precise amount of energy your home requires.

Start by snooping through your recent electricity bills.

If the daily amount is not displayed, you’ll be required to make some calculations in such a case. Therefore, divide the monthly amount by 30 days to get the average daily energy use.

What’s Your Daily Target for Energy?

It’s typical to use up more energy during some days than others. That means it’s equally important to have solar panels that will provide enough power to cater for days you use more.

Moreover, different seasons and days result in different levels of sunlight exposure, affecting the amount of energy produced.

That said, it’s advisable to have a daily energy target 25% higher than the daily energy usage.

It ensures you don’t run out of power whenever you surpass the average daily consumption and accommodates days with less sun exposure.

What’s the Magic Number of Panels?

Various factors come into play to determine this figure. For starters, the quality of your solar panels determines the number of panels needed.

The second is the amount of sunlight you can receive. Therefore, calculate the exact number of panels required by dividing the hourly energy usage by your daily energy usage in kWh.

Next, times the result by 1,000 to estimate your watt consumption.

Then divide your home’s hourly energy usage by your solar panels’ wattage. The solar panels’ wattage is based on the quality and type of panels you choose.

After making an estimation, it’s time to contact your installer. It will verify your calculations and establish the number of panels on your roof.

The solar installer should also calculate the right angles of positioning your panels to evoke optimal energy output.

Can you Choose An Affordable Installer After Securing a Quality System?

Choosing a high-quality system is essential. However, it also requires a highly experienced professional to make the most of it.

Sloppy installations from novices result in unreliable, unsafe, and underperforming systems.

A good installation is vital for up to 600 volts running through a home solar system. Find several quotes and fish out any red flags like bad reviews.


A solar system is a great way to put your energy needs into your own hands and free yourself from ever-rising energy bills.

It is a sustainable choice of generating energy, with financial options to help you secure the system affordably.

Most importantly, work with a reputable solar retailer to choose the best system and have a professional installation that will foster durability and great value.

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