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A Candle-Style Wagon Wheel Chandelier for a Space With Round Furniture & Tables



A Candle-Style Wagon Wheel Chandelier for a Space with Round Furniture & Tables

The name sets a picture in your mind, as to how the chandelier would look like.

No points for guessing! It is actually in the shape of a wagon wheel, with 6 -8 lamp mounts in lovely candle design.

It is perfect for a small room with a round table, over which it hangs graciously.

It can be your living area, study, porch, dining space or a bedroom with some chairs and sofa.

This chandelier goes on to perfectly complement the existing decor of the place that has a full round table.

So, if you’re looking to view some classic and modern chandelier designs online, it can always be at a store like “Sofary” that stocks, sells and delivers such exclusive home decor items, across the US states.

The Overall Technical & Design Specifications

This beautiful wagon wheel chandelier comes with easy assembly features, with completely knocked down (CKD) kits, like LED lamps and has adjustable height mechanism.

In the packaging, it has E12 Candelabra bulbs, a pair of gloves, a set of screws and an installation manual.

It is perfect for installation in a dining space or a living room that has ‘clear’ round features, objects and furniture.

It’s a perfect ceiling fitting for a home space which has round center tables, coffee tables, round Chesterfield style sofas and wingback chairs, all neatly arranged in a distinct round pattern.

And, with an overhead lamp fitted chandelier in a wagon wheel design, it clearly redefines your passion for home interior transformation.

Before ordering one, you can always check out the size that is a perfect fit for your room.

Well, this particular wheel-shaped chandelier that we’re talking about in this blog post requires a self-assembly.

It might take some time to read and understand, but after installation, it’s definitely worth it.

This chandelier in wagon wheel design comes in two different sizes. One of them being W 20.5” X 21.3”, and the other one in W 26.8” X 25.6” size configuration.

The choice is all yours, depending upon the room size, overall dimension and ceiling height.

Other Key Specifications

The chain length of this round chandelier is adjustable. The maximum length is 60 cm (23.6”).

Then, it comes in two different design formats. One is 6 lights, and the other one is an 8 lights configuration.

The maximum wattage consumed by the E12 Candelabra bulbs is 7W, as it has an LED bulb type.

The overall material is metal, and painted in dark brown or chocolate color coat.

It is definitely a contemporary design non-crystal chandelier, perfect for small homes and modern apartments in big cities.

It can be easily installed on a flat or sloped ceiling and comes with a 1-year product warranty from the date of purchase.

How a Chandelier Helps Change the Visual Aesthetics?

It is by creating a soothing ambiance and welcoming look for any guest, visitor or friend that steps inside your house for the first time.

The chandelier oozes out a sparkling, glittering and retro-style look, all with its lamps, lights, metal fittings and glass/crystal accessories.

In this case, it is the wagon wheel design and the metal with dark color finish, sans any crystal elements.

It is perfectly styled for a modern home in a high-rise apartment that wants to improve upon its interiors by installing something retro in style, yet modern in appeal.

This is how any home interior gets a fresh appeal, with a touch or hint of exclusivity and modernity.

Classic & Contemporary Chandeliers for Every Room of a House

There are different types of chandeliers to choose from, as you get to view both classic (vintage), as well as contemporary designs, all under one roof.

One such item beautifully fits into every room size and dimension, enhancing the existing appeal by many folds.

It brings about that glittering new appeal to any home interiors, as the elements of glass, light, chrome & steel adds to the vibrancy, grandeur and luxury.

So, be it your living room, study, bed room or dining area, a chandelier in both rectangular or round shape helps any place look that extra bit stylish and modern.

You can also fit one such designer item in your staircase or in the lobby area, delighting guests that come to your place for the first time.

A Chandelier in the Shape of a Wagon Wheel is a Style Enhancer

Whether it is full crystal chandelier or in a metal finish with lamps on it, one such elegant looking home decor product goes on to enhance the visual elements, be it in the area of style and modernity.

Therefore, it is no wonder why a majority of US households in big cities like Los Angeles, Las Vegas or San Francisco are installing such designer home decor items and products that really look elegant in design and overall styling.

If you ask about the functionality of a chandelier, it practically has none, apart from illuminating a space.

But, more than its functionality, it is the aspect of visual aesthetics transformation that urges homeowners to go for one such classic ceiling fitting.

It’s all about that ‘feel good’ factor, both for the occupants of a house, as well as for guests stepping in for the first time.

End Note

Well, if you’re seriously thinking about installing a round shape or rectangular chandelier at home, consult with a certified interior designer, with your choice, preference and liking always in the forefront.

He/she can suggest to you the right design and size that beautifully blends with the ambiance of your place and the room, as a whole.

And, this particular candle-style wagon wheel chandelier is perfect for a small home that has contemporary vibes and is relatively small in dimension.

Just hand it over a round table in the dining hall or in the study area, and it goes on to exude a different style altogether.

This is how apartments in the US are transforming their interior space in a meaningful and aesthetically pleasing way.

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