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Popular Therapist Says Women’s High Dating Standards Are Leaving Men Lonely



Popular Therapist Says Women's High Dating Standards Are Leaving Men Lonely

Popular Therapist Says Women’s High Dating Standards Are Leaving Men Lonely: New news reports indicate that the dating opportunities for heterosexual men are steadily declining as relationship standards continue to rise.

However, guides like “how to get a girl to like you” might be their saving grace.

Couples psychologist Dr. Greg Matos has recently released an article, “The Rise of Lonely, Single Men,” in which he states that “men need to take care of their [relationship] skills gaps” as women become “increasingly selective.”

The psychologist didn’t just come to this conclusion as he had heard recurring themes from dating women aged 25-45.

According to Dr. Greg Matos, women now prefer emotionally expressive men who are not afraid to communicate and share the same values.

Women's High Dating Standards Are Leaving Men Lonely

The reason why men have difficulty in finding romantic partners

There are three significant reasons you might struggle to find a romantic partner as a man.

These reasons include the ever-growing use of dating apps, rising relationship standards, and men’s failure to “outdo themselves.”

If men do not address this relationship skill deficit, the couple psychologist posits that there would be lesser dating opportunities and never-ending periods of celibacy.

Women would have even less patience for the little to non-existent communication skills of heterosexual men. A great way to address this problem is by reading guides like how to get a girl to like you.

“The problem for men is that emotional connection is the cornerstone of healthy, long-term love,” Matos says.

If men continue to fail in this aspect, there will be no relationship in their life.

The article focused on a rising problem identified in a 2020 study indicating that loneliness is more significant in men than women.

Dr. Greg Patos had managed to cause a storm. Within just a few hours, there were thousands of posts on Twitter and TikTok discussing the findings of the couple’s psychologist.

Although many women weren’t shocked, this article reflected how they felt about the subject.

the low standards and the bare minimum that a lot of women had to deal with were tiring, and a lot of them had finally decided to raise their standards, lowering them for no man.

The men, on the other hand, felt that women were too picky about relationships and that their standards were too much.

Women's High Dating Standards Are Leaving Men Lonely

The way forward despite backlash

The publication of his article also cites the Pew Research study, which posits that males are now more likely to be without a partner than females, and 30 years ago, it was the exact opposite.

Matos started receiving a lot of hate mail. He revealed this on TikTok and expressed his surprise.

“Why? I am asking you to be the best version of yourself. That’s all,” he said. “All I am inviting you to do is just be the best version of yourself.”

Many men were lashing out for being called out on their sub-par behaviour, which shouldn’t be the case as there is still hope to create a balance.

Matos says, “Men have a key role in this transformation, but only if they go all-in. It’s going to take that kind of commitment to themselves, to their mental health, to the kind of love they want to generate in this world,”

Also, maybe men should try reading to gain a new advantage in dating.

Creative guides such as “How to get a girl to like you” from the Todd V dating guide (official site) give a more practical way of learning how to impress and enchant women.

With their newly gained knowledge, there would be fewer lonely men and healthy relationships.


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