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How Employee Work Time Tracking Saved My Marriage



How Employee Work Time Tracking Saved My Marriage

I remember when I used to come home from a long day of work, shower and go straight to my computer to work again. I was constantly stressed about my business and the number of projects which had to be completed within the deadlines. At the same time, because we had no work time tracking I would spend hours emailing my employees and asking them why the deadlines have not been met, details about weekly reports, and the percentage of resources which have been used for the projects.

Furthermore, the payroll process ate up a lot of my time. I remember being so stressed to the point where it started affecting my relationship with my wife. The only time I was not on my computer or phone was when I was having dinner with her. Unfortunately this time was also interrupted by phone calls.

Finding Out About Employee Time Tracking

I knew I had to do something about this because my marriage was hitting rock bottom.

I started looking for ways I could keep track of my employees’ progress easily and also streamline the payroll process. That is when I got in touch with a high school friend who ran a business of his own.

He told me about how purchasing employee work time tracking software changed his life. He is able to spend more quality time with his family without worrying about his business constantly.

After hearing his experience with employee time tracking, I decided to give the software a try. I had to tell all my employees first. I was hesitant about how my employees were going to receive the news. The initial response wasn’t so great.

But I explained to them how tracking their work time could immensely improve their time management and help them to finish their projects within the deadlines. Implementing time tracking would not only ensure that they remained productive but it would also help in easy allocation of tasks.

Since I valued my employee’s privacy, I chose a time tracking software which would allow my employees to go off the radar if they needed to. This way I could see how much time they spent on their private, non-work related tasks without knowing what they were actually doing.

Stress Free Vacations

Another major thing work time tracking enabled me to do was have stress free vacation time from work. Before this, I never let myself take a vacation from work.

Some of my employees sometimes sent vacation requests through email which bothered me because I was worried about how the absence of an employee would affect the completion of the work.

Marcin Meich of TrackTime 24 says that, “both employers and employees are discouraged to take vacations because they are worried about how it would disrupt their natural workflow. However many employee time tracking softwares come with leave management systems which can help employees take vacations without neglecting their work completely.

In reality vacations can help refresh workers and help them to come back to work with a clearer mind.

I put together a time off request form which made the process of requesting leave very easy. If anyone wanted to take a leave, I would temporarily let other employees take care of the extra work duties which wouldn’t significantly affect their workload.

The employee work time tracking software really helped me figure out how to manage work time and vacation time of employees more effectively.


Employee work time tracking has practically saved my marriage. I get to spend more quality time with my wife without worrying about unnecessary things or stressing about my business. I definitely wish I knew about this sooner.

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