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Thai Government Approves Exciting L6 and N3 Lottery Formats



Thai Government Approves Exciting L6 and N3 Lottery Formats

(CTN News) – The Thai government is set to launch two new lottery formats, the L6 six-digit lottery and the N3 three-digit lottery, following Cabinet endorsement. These new lottery products aim to enhance the government lottery program and boost state revenue.

Deputy Government Spokesperson Rachada Dhnadirek announced the approval of three draft announcements and ministerial regulations during the Cabinet’s weekly meeting on Tuesday.

 N3 Lottery – Online Exclusive with Unique Rewards

The N3 lottery will be exclusively available through online channels. Players stand a chance to win rewards by matching numbers in specific digits. With its online accessibility, the N3 lottery aims to offer the public convenience and ease of participation. Drawings for the N3 lottery will occur on each month’s 1st and 16th day.

 L6 Lottery – More Options, More Winners

The L6 lottery will be accessible online and offline, providing more options for players to participate. With 14,168 winners across various reward categories fixed for each drawing, the L6 lottery promises participants an exciting and inclusive experience. Drawings for the L6 lottery will also occur on the 1st and 16th day of every month.

 Rewards Accumulation Feature for L6 and N3 Lotteries

One unique feature of the L6 lottery is the option to accumulate rewards from a drawing cycle with no winners into the next cycle. This provides players with an opportunity to potentially win bigger rewards over time. However, the accumulation of rewards is limited to two consecutive cycles. Any unclaimed rewards from the previous month beyond this period will be allocated as state revenue, contributing to public welfare and development.

 Enhancing the Lottery Experience for the General Public

With the introduction of the L6 and N3 lottery formats, the Thai government aims to improve the overall lottery experience for the public. These new lottery products offer various benefits, including increased accessibility, unique rewards, and the opportunity for reward accumulation in the case of the L6 lottery. The scheduled drawings on each month’s 1st and 16th day will create anticipation and excitement among participants.


The Thai government’s initiative to introduce the L6 and N3 government lottery formats aims to revitalize the lottery program, boost state revenue, and offer enhanced experiences to the public.

The N3 lottery’s online exclusivity and unique rewards, coupled with the L6 lottery’s broader availability and rewards accumulation feature, are set to appeal to a wide range of players. As the regulations and rules are implemented, the general public can look forward to the official launch of these exciting new lottery products.

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