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7 Tips on How to Proofread Your College Essay to Perfection



7 Tips on How to Proofread Your College Essay to Perfection

Read this guide until the end if you want to have an error-free paper and if you want to learn some tips and tricks on proofread.

We’ve compiled some easy-to-follow but valuable advice for our student readers.

Proofreading is what makes or breaks your essay. It could be written almost perfectly, but grammatical errors that creep in can make it seem clumsy or not professional enough.

How do you ensure perfect essay delivery? Read on to find out.

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Moving on, let’s get into the article:

Use A Word Processor

Word processors have grammar check and spell check tools that can help with your proofreading and editing.

When you’re reading aloud (or listening), if you have a microphone attached to your computer, try saying each word out loud as it appears on the screen.

Make sure there aren’t any silent letters before or after them—if there are silent letters in between two words that sound similar but aren’t spelled correctly, they’ll be flagged as incorrect too.

Use An Online Plagiarism Checker Tool

Use an online plagiarism checker tool to eliminate unintentional plagiarism. These tools will help you ensure that all of your sources are original and not copied from another source. There are many free options online. You can check out:

  • QueText
  • Plagiarism Detector

Those are free tools you can use anytime and can greatly enhance your proofreading efforts at any given time. We advise you to try to take advantage of these tools each time you might have a writing task.

Learn The Difference Between Proofreading And Editing

Proofreading is checking for spelling and grammar errors. Editing, on the other hand, is reviewing your work for content, flow, and style.

While proofreading can be tedious and monotonous, editing requires a more creative approach that allows you to think through each point of revision before starting on another one.

For example: If you’re writing an essay about food in China, but don’t know much about cooking or dining etiquette there, then you would spend time researching how people eat in China—and then reflecting upon what you’ve learned through this research.

You add this new information if applicable. This is editing.

Proofreading is a more technical process. You need to spot all the grammatical errors and spelling mistakes that have been made throughout the entire paper.

While this might seem more simple, errors can easily be overlooked if it’s done lazily.

We recommend going over your paper manually and also using online tools to make sure everything is in place twice.

Read Everything Twice

Another great way to proofread to perfection is to be thorough and meticulous with your efforts.

If you have time, read your paper twice to catch any small mistakes you might have missed the first time.

And, of course, reading it twice thoroughly and carefully should be enough to do a great job.

However, if you feel that it wasn’t adequate, then go ahead and read it a third time around. If you’re unsure you haven’t left anything out, it’s better to make sure than regret it.


Read Your Essay Out Loud

Another proofreading tip that you can take advantage of is to read out loud. Reading out loud can make catching errors easier than simply reading it as an inner monologue.

Reading out loud may seem like a simple hack, but it can seriously help your efforts in achieving a perfect paper.

You can start by proofreading in your mind, and then additionally, you can read it out loud as an extra step to your process.

Get Extra Help

Have someone else proofread your work to find errors you may have missed. If you’re like most students, you might have a hard time seeing or understanding the errors in your work.

You may not have enough experience with proofreading to be able to pick up on all of the problems that are included in an essay.

If this sounds like your situation, it’s best to have someone else look over what you’ve written before submitting it for review.

If possible, ask one of your professors or classmates if they would be willing to check over your essay for mistakes.

You should also consider using an online checker that highlights all potential errors for free, such as Grammarly. Seeking extra help online and offline is a decent strategy to achieve a perfectly edited and proofread paper.

Don’t be too hesitant or shy to ask for help in your efforts. If getting a good grade is important, you should be willing to go the extra mile.

Someone else’s effort to review your paper might bring light to any mistakes you might not have seen or detected.

Give It A Day

If you have the time to set aside your paper for a day or overnight, then we suggest you do so. Then, you can proofread it once this time has passed.

The reason for this is proofreading can become easier, and errors can become clearer to you after giving yourself time away from the paper.

It gives the brain time to readjust, especially if you’ve been working on your paper tirelessly for the last few days or hours.

This can exhaust your brain, and your cognitive abilities might not be at their best when you’re proofreading.

However, by giving it some time before you do so, you can potentially refresh your perspective and your ability to proofread.

This will only be applicable if you are cautious enough to give yourself extra time to revise the paper thoroughly.

Final Thoughts

We hope this guide will help you craft a stellar paper free of mistakes. We’ve made our tips easy to follow and easy to remember.

So, take advantage of it today and level up your efforts. Don’t forget to seriously consider Studyfy if you need a perfect paper for submission, and remember that proofreading is what truly makes or breaks your essay.

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