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Top 5 Benefits of Providing Workplace Lockers



Workplace Lockers

Our workspace environment can play a huge role in things like productivity and focus, and quality workplace lockers can be a game changer – here’s how

Environment is everything

Be honest. Do you feel that you perform at your best and are most productive when you’re feeling uncomfortable, or when you’re feeling right at home?

If you’re a living, breathing human being, then odds are that you most likely function much better when you feel comfortable and at home in your environment.

Studies have shown that a negative workplace environment can have a direct effect on employees’ ability to concentrate and be productive. Participants in the study noted things like how comfortable their office desks are and the average temperature of rooms they work in.

But there’s one other factor that can totally transform a work environment, and that’s whether or not employees have access to private and secure personal storage space.

Here’s why you should really consider making sure your workforce has access to high-quality storage space.

How Workplace Lockers can improve your workplace environment

Improved basic sense of security

People crave safety. It’s a part of our basic survival instincts. And while it might not seem obvious at first, lockers do provide an extra level of feeling safe in one’s environment.

Providing employees with a secure space with a lock and key (or keypad) for personal items like bags, coats, and electronics, or even sensitive work data or files, is an absolute must these days.

Not only does adequate storage space improve the sense of safety, but it can also help reduce the chances of workplace theft and the complications that can arise from such unfortunate events.

Create a feeling of belonging

Workplace Lockers can help people feel more at home. They provide people with an extra bit of privacy, safety (as mentioned above), and even personalization.

Depending on the size of space provided, workers can keep personal items like photos, notes, and artwork on display that might not otherwise be easily accessible during the workday. And although this might not seem like a workplace necessity, think again.

Personalization of one’s office space can increase workplace morale tremendously.

Research have found that “Creating a place of one’s own in an otherwise public workspace environment should further contribute to individuals’ positive cognitive and affective states, resulting in enhanced mental resources, enabling better coping with the potentially debilitating interferences associated with low privacy,” researchers write in the Journal of Environmental Psychology.

Improved workplace organization

This one is obvious (or at least we think so). A clean environment is a must for any kind of company, warehouse, or office space. But one unfortunate fact is that anywhere people gather together on a daily basis, it is bound to get a little messy.

Papers, office supplies, jackets, lunch boxes, knickknacks, bags, and anything other items that might relate to your workplace, can quickly pile up when there’s not a proper place to store them.

Providing employees with efficient storage space is the best way to cut back on clutter and disorganization.

Elevated focus – thanks to being clutter-free

Not only is less clutter more aesthetically pleasing, but an organized space actually helps boost focus, which in turn leads to a much more productive work environment.

Keep things smelling fresh and people will actually feel fresher

And last, but certainly not least, it’s important to take odor into consideration. No work environment can escape unwanted smells from time to time. But a well-ventilated storage space can drastically help.

There’s nothing more distracting than unexpectedly picking up the small of a coworker’s lunch sitting atop their desk. Providing working with space for things like lunch boxes, or other smelly things (both appetizing and not) can help reduce distractions and uncomfortable sensations.

Bonus tip: Don’t forget to customize your workplace lockers

All kinds of workplaces can benefit from providing employees with personal storage. But with that said, there are tons of different kinds of lockers available these days.

In order to ensure that you invest in the style and functionality of storage that will benefit your workforce the most, it’s best to do some research.

What are your needs? How important is security for the kind of work that your employees do? What textures and materials would work best in your environment?

There are lockers that will fit perfectly with any answer to those questions, effectively customized for your unique needs. It’s only a matter of taking the time to find the right ones.


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