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NEC Code Study Guide




Our NEC Practice Test is a standardized test that will prepare you to comprehend the basics of safe electrical wiring and component installation and will assist you in obtaining the necessary license for electrical work.

The questions included in this NEC Code Practice Test would prepare you to answer the questions on the exams from the Massachusetts State Board of Electrical Contractors (MSBEC) and other states.

These practice questions are based on the NEC 2011 edition. The questions are standard and are designed to test your understanding of the code. They can be found in Chapters 2 through 5, Articles 800 through 824, and 825 and 826.

We will provide you with our NEC Code study guide, which will help you ace your certification test.

The NEC Electrical Code consists of nine chapters, each divided into four groupings: Chapters 1 and 2, Chapter 3, Chapters 4 and 5, and Chapters 6 through 9.

The National Electrical Code is introduced in the first chapter (NEC). This chapter contains definitions for all the abbreviations used in the NEC. The NEC’s organization, who adopts it, and who administers it are all discussed in the second chapter. The third chapter reveals who authorize electrical materials and equipment such as conductors, wire insulation materials, switches, circuit breakers, and panels from within. Conduit fill calculations are also covered in Chapter 3; this is where you’ll find the information you’ll need to prepare your building plan for wiring and outlets. The fourth chapter explains how to calculate the voltage drop in three-phase power systems. In Chapter 5, you’ll learn how to recognize over-and under-voltage conditions, as well as how to switch power systems. Because this chapter contains all the information required for an apprentice, journeyman, or master license, you will utilize it when applying for or renewing your license. The material in Chapter 7 will help you comprehend cross-connections, generator installations, and service entry conductors. Chapter eight contains a number of tables that relate wire and cable sizes to circuit breakers, as well as information on taps on circuit breaker-rated voltage drops. Grounding, bonding, equipment grounding conductor sizing, and surge suppressor installation requirements are all covered in the ninth chapter.

The NEC provides a format that allows electrical plans to be clear and concise. It is your responsibility to prepare the electrical plans necessary to obtain permits for installation. Electrical plans include the following information:

This practice test consists of 100 questions that are in the same format as those found in the Massachusetts Electrical Code Test. The questions are designed to help you prepare for your Massachusetts electrical exam. All of these questions come right from chapters 2 through 5, Articles 800 through 824, and 825 and 826. We do not include measurement questions because they come with the additional study material that is sold separately.

First, you need to memorize the basic NEC Code that relates to your field of work. If you take an electrical, electronics, or electrical engineering class at school, all of these classes will teach you the basic NEC codes. No need to spend money on books; use free sources like this practice test.

The second step is self-study. You should understand how to read a diagram and translate it into a real-life installation. This study guide will help you first, but when you finish the questions on the practice test, continue your search for online sources that contain questions in a format similar to the exam from the Massachusetts State Board of Electrical Contractors (MSBEC).

Go through all the areas that are confusing and make sure you understand them by going over them again until they make sense to you. It is important that you do not memorize the code but use the code to help you understand how to pass the actual exam. This will give you a great advantage when you take the exam.


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