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5 Tips To Shave Your Beard Properly

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So you’ve gotten bored of keeping a good beard, or you’ve realized it just doesn’t suit your face any longer, and you’ve chosen to shave it off. In principle, lathering up the beard and shaving it off should be simple. However, that’s not the case. Life is always a bit more complicated than that. If you shave poorly, you may end up with an itchy disaster on your face. Therefore, it’s critical to accomplish things correctly. Read on to learn 5 Tips to Shave Your Beard Properly!

1. Trimming comes first

Consider trimming your beard as much as possible before a shave. Shaving a big beard with a regular blade is useless because the blade cannot get near enough to the skin’s surface to provide a smooth glide. So get your clippers and trimmers out, trim, and shave your beard only when it is at a manageable length. This step is crucial for people who want to shave their Santa Claus beards.

2. Wet it

To begin, hydrate your beard to avoid nicks, scratches, and discomfort while shaving. Next, shave shortly after bathing, or even while bathing, if possible. This will soften your hair and prep it up for the shave. It also makes it easier for the blade to run over it. Next, use any scrub to exfoliate, remove grime and oil from your face in preparation for a flawless shave.

Next, use a shaving gel or foam and lather properly. Then apply the foam on your face; you can use a brush for this. Thus, you are done prepping your skin for a shave. Now the razor will be able to move easily without irritating your skin.

3. The Deed

Avoid using dull blades during a shave. Thus, before you start the whole process, ensure your razor’s blades aren’t faded, examine the lubrication strips, and decide as to if you should change them or not. Be careful and prepared as you hold your blade and look at the mirror. You can accomplish this by selecting the appropriate skincare products in your shaving routine. We highly recommend using good quality products as this will define your skin.

So, utilize the best trimmers, clippers, cleansers, scrubs, shaving gels or foams, shaving creams, and men’s aftershave on the market. Be especially careful when choosing a razor; it must be one that you’re comfortable with. Use small, delicate strokes while you shave. Remember, you are essentially getting a blade to your face, so don’t be hasty or haphazard about it. Finally, remember to shave in the same direction that your hair grows.

4. Do it again

While you’re shaving, remember to rinse your blades regularly; avoid shaving the same area too frequently or shaving without shaving cream, as this might irritate the skin. Shaving twice ensures you have a clean shave. Feel free to re-run the blade over your face to get rid of any remaining facial hair. You can choose to shave with the grain the first time and go against it the second time. Remember to shave in a direction that makes you feel most at ease.

5. Perfection

If you’re the stylist and want to define your sideburns or just access those difficult locations, such as beneath your nose, then attach a precision trimmer behind your razor. We’ve all had the experience of cutting ourselves while shaving. That’s quite typical. Things go awry from time to time.

To recuperate from the cut, use a styptic pencil or a bit of alum. Changing your blades regularly and using high-quality razors and shaving foam are the best ways to avoid injuries. After you’ve done, wash your face with cool water. Lastly, apply an excellent aftershave moisturizer to stimulate recovery and moisturize the skin.


So, if you’ve ever pondered how to do a clean shave, these tips are a fine place to begin. Using the right products in the right order can make a world of difference for your skin. Facial hair has the advantage of being a quick and convenient way to liven up your look.

If you feel like little facial hair is more appealing after shaving your beard, you can always grow it back quickly. Thus, we recommend shaving on the weekend or sometime before the main event, just so that you can get used to your look.


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