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Thailand’s Beauty Industry: Everything You Need To Know




If you have been to Thailand, you know they have some of the best beauty products. As an Asian nation, this is not surprising, considering that most Asian nations practice old skincare routines and practices that make them look fabulous even as they age.

Over time, these traditions have been incorporated into their beauty products; some even find their way to international markets.

But what exactly is it about Thailand’s beauty industry worth watching out for? Below are exciting details that will make you love this country even more.

Thailand Residents Spend Significantly on Cosmetics

Thais tend to take their look and beauty seriously, as proven by research findings that 81 percent of residents said they would keep spending more of the same amount they have been spending on cosmetics. However, few citizens will give up their luxurious expenditure on skincare and cosmetics.

The affluent population is even more obsessed with trying new fresh products that hit the market. This explains why products such as gelish nail polish were a hit when they were first introduced into the market because there is an increasing appetite among the rich to try new and better cosmetics.

Social Media Boosts Cosmetics Sales


Like all other parts of the world, social media marketing plays a significant role in the performance of Thai’s cosmetic industry. More people, especially the middle class, are becoming hooked to products in the cosmetic industry because of their online advert. Many marketers have discovered this secret and are exploring it for better sales.

As a result, sellers are getting better at targeting segments of customers. Many middle-class Thais also confessed to discovering new products through online channels. To make it an investor in this sector, it is essential to invest in the proper social media channels to market the products. One avenue that seems to work wonders is specialized beauty blogs.

There is a lot of Rebranding.

Many cosmetic players in Thailand had to rebrand to match the changing needs of the industry. This happened a few years back and continues to be a significant reason why cosmetic companies in the country are revamping themselves.

Companies that started online have found themselves in physical stores as customer demand heightens. These shifts are also necessitated by the need to offer world-class prestige products and brands.

It may come as a surprise, but Thailand is also a major exporter of K-Beauty products. For example, the Korean OEM cosmetics manufacturer Cosmax has research and manufacturing facilities in Bangkok, with over 90 million units produced annually


There is a Rise in Beauty Clinics in Thailand

As more people embrace the opportunities this industry offers, doctor brands have a reason to be afraid. Many beauty clinics are coming up to meet the rising demand in medical tourism and the increasing middle-class population. More people are affording these treatments with ease, making the demand to shoot.

Consequently, what was considered dermatologically produced products are getting into mass production to meet the demand that aesthetic beauty treatments have gone mainstream. More derma care brands are mushrooming all over Thailand to match the heightened demand. While this is good for the consumers or end-users, first entrants in the market space have to up their game to beat the competition. There have been many products from such doctor cosmetic lines that are hitting the shelves today.

Thailand is Known for Male Grooming Care

It’s not strange to hear about male grooming products. However, when cosmetics are mentioned, they are not necessarily what comes to mind. It is almost as if these products are created as an afterthought in most places. However, Thailand is seeking to change the narrative as it positions itself as the male grooming hub.


Due to the diverse gender population in Thailand, the industry caters to all genders, including men. This also reflects in their marketing as companies now use male models to influence consumer attitudes.

The male cosmetic industry in Thailand is massive and competes favourably with the female one. It is said that half of the male consumers in the country often request customized facial products.

Thus, there is great potential in this industry. With better marketing and focus, the male cosmetic industry in Thailand will grow as big as the female one.

Thailand’s cosmetics Industry is Segregated.

It is easy to tell which products to focus on producing and even which age groups to target with specific products. The industry can be broken in terms of the products, ranging from cream, makeup, lotion, and more. For demographics, it is either male or female-dominated, and when it comes to age, it can either be the young, middle age, or age. This is where generational groupings come in.

For instance, Millennials, Generation Z, and generation X all go for different products. It is also essential to understand the marketing channels, including supermarkets, beauty salons, specialty stores, and pharma stores. All these details are crucial for anyone seeking to start a business in Thailand’s cosmetic industry.

Covid 19 Impact on Thailand’s Cosmetic Industries

Like it was with all other industries, the performance of the cosmetic industry dropped. However, this was only slightly as many people did not change their expenditure on their favourite products.

Thus, while spending priorities shifted somewhat, the larger population still kept up with their favourite products. It is, therefore, safe to say that the self-care part of the industry was majorly unaffected as the drop in business was a slight one.

Final Thoughts

The cosmetic industry in Thailand is a thriving one with a lot of growth potential and possibilities. However, an investor needs to carry out their research to know what works for them. Targeting the affluent middle class is the best way to sustain your business since this class tends to have an insatiable hunger for cosmetic products and will always be looking for more.

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