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How Education Agencies Help You Study Abroad?

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When someone decides to study abroad, it is common to wonder whether it is better to hire an education agency or organize everything on your own. If you’re wondering about this, it’s important to know right away that experts help make all the difference right now.

By hiring an agency that is specialized in the chosen study destination and that has experience and responsibility in dealing with clients, you will take the first step to successfully carry out your dream of studying abroad.

Searching for a quality education agency that is competent in what it does will give you the security of being able to count on someone to help with the documentation, to point out which are the best schools, the cheapest prices for tickets and accommodation, among other details that will be left out. you closer to achieving your goal.

If you don’t know how to choose a good education agency and you can’t define what are the most relevant characteristics that you should be aware of before signing the contract, keep reading this post. Here, we will answer these and other questions about the subject. Check out!

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What are the characteristics of a good education agency?

There are some basic details that you should pay attention to when looking for an education agency. To help in this task, we list below the main characteristics that an education agency that values the quality of services and customer satisfaction must-have.


It has a good reputation in the market

This is the main point to hire any service. Therefore, with an education agency, which deals directly with people’s dreams of seeking knowledge in other countries, it could not be different. Because of this, you should check if it is regularly constituted with registration with the CNPJ, as this is a way to have the guarantee that if there is any contractual problem, you can sue it in court. A good tip to find out about the agency’s reputation is to talk to people who have already used its services and find out about the experience.

It excels in customer relations

It is extremely important that you feel welcomed and know that you can count on the company whenever you have any questions. For an agency to be considered of good quality, it is necessary to feel confident not only when it is attended in person, but also when this communication is by other means, after all, it will not always be possible to have direct contact.

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Is linked to known associations

This is another point of great importance, which, in a way, is related to the company’s good reputation. When you hire the agency, check if it has any connection with official associations. So, for your safety and peace of mind, give preference to these companies, as it is a sign that they care about the quality of their work and are recognized by the entities.

It has support or headquarters at the destination

A quality education agency does not end its function when it ships its client to the destination. In fact, right now the work is just beginning. After all, unforeseen events happen all the time, so it’s great to know that there will be someone to help when something doesn’t go according to plan.

How can a specialized agency help with the exchange?

You will have many advantages when hiring a quality education agency, with a good reputation in the market and that is specialized in the destination in which you work. She will solve all your doubts, besides being a “helping hand” during your stay in another country.

In order for you to be sure, once and for all, that an agency is essential for the success of your exchange dream, see below on which issues it is able to help.

course and institution

Showing quality institutions and their differentials, according to their profile and wishes, is a facilitator that the agency offers. In addition, the course is the main part of your exchange program, so it is essential that the choice is made according to your project. The agency can also facilitate the payment of the educational institution, as many require it to be made in cash, but when you hire it through the agency, it will be possible to pay the amount in instalments.

The agency can also help you with the entire application process, providing the necessary support with the documentation that must be presented. This assistance is essential in the processes for admission to higher-level courses, for example, as they are courses that require better organization in the documents.


Getting a student visa may not be such a simple task at first. Many people have doubts about this step, especially regarding the necessary documentation.

Therefore, the agency will be ready to help you get the visa without going through stress and to clarify all your questions in the smallest detail. It will also inform you about the differences of each visa and what are the specifics of each one. After all, you don’t want a mistake in the documentation to delay your dream, do you?


Another way the agency can help is by presenting the options for good places to stay during your stay abroad. The company will also be ready to help whenever there is a little problem when you are already staying, after all, things do not always go as planned.

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Another great advantage of hiring an agency is that you will be able to buy your air ticket for cheaper prices. This is possible because quality companies usually have partnerships with airlines.

That way, you’ll be able to make your dream come true for a price that fits your budget. In addition to the round trip ticket, many agencies offer transfers from the airport to accommodation, facilitating your arrival at your destination.

Given everything that was said in this post, you can see that having an education agency is the most viable way to put your dream into practice. This partnership does not always have an extremely low price, but considering only the value can lead to many problems during your period of stay abroad.

Also remember that studying abroad is an investment, and it is not recommended to plan something of this proportion without the help of experts capable of providing the necessary support. So, look for an option that fits your budget, but without sacrificing quality and safety.


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