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Why Slotxo games is popular among Thais in Covid-Era




When Thailand has the strictest law on gambling, we could still find various gambling sites all over by hitting searches in google and results pops up in almost every keyword that we do especially “The Slotxo Game”

Slotxo is one of the most popular slot games online at this hour which had started before the pandemic of Covid-19 up until the present. However, it looks like the interest has rocketed to the top roof due to some of its features and gameplay

Why Slot Games in Slotxo are popular in Thailand?

The reasons are just simple and are the same everywhere on earth. Think about the first thing when you’re making your trip hitting a casino in Vegas or Macau and you don’t even know how to play Baccarat but with some tokens held in your hand.

The first game that you might want to try is the slot machine, while that is the offline world, slotxo is the online version of it and here are the reasons, Thais love playing slotxo especially during Covid Era

Variety of games

Because Slotxo has over 50+ themed gameplay that comes with different artworks and graphics, is eye-catching, and is fun to play. Unlike other types of online games, they are here to break the boredom of seeing the same thing every day

Simple, Uncomplex rules

The players will only have to spin the wheel by placing their chance every time the wheel is spun. The next thing to do is to wait for the wheel to completely stopped with hoping that the investment pays off.

Affordable for every game

When there are over 50+ themed games in Slotxo, most games come with very low entry bets which starts from less than a dollar to thousands. Since the starting cost is so low, then, it captures a wider market starting from low income to a billionaire.

Bonus and free trial

The free trial without having to input any credit card or credential to play around getting to know and understand how the game works is one of the best tools Slotxo provides for its customers.

Whenever there’s a free trial, the players can try and practice before going live on stage and that’s how they could win so many prizes most of the time. In addition to the free trial, the promotional campaign from Slotxo itself is quite convincing.

The free credit features, bonus 50%-100% deposit is outrageously attractive by Thai players as well as players from its neighbouring countries like Laos, Myanmar, as well as Vietnam.

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A Gimmick and roller coaster ride at home killing boredom

There have been hundreds of reports of how people live during the lockdown in every country and how people manage their lives at the same time. Almost half of the Thai population knows Slotxo and is willing to pay for the game to have some fun and excitement while doing nothing else at home.

There’s no surprise why Slotxo games have become very popular with the boost from Pandemic around the world whilst many people making loads of fortunes out of the game without being reported on the news.

One key point to note, it is sceptical during the lockdown that most physical gambling sites are completely shut down and the only thing that can operate is online sites which makes it even more reason to believe that everything related to pandemic right now has been giving a huge boost to online slot sites.

About and Slotxo is a direct site licensed by Slotxo who provides both Slotxo game service and PG gaming which are the most popular among Thai players in 2021.

Besides the most popular games, the company offer ways for players to monetize on other games such as SA gaming, Pretty Gaming, Sexy gaming, Asia Gaming and Dreamgaming.

The site is themed in neon light with fun features, 24 hours support, for both Thais and foreigners. Once deposited, the credits automatically go straight to the account within seconds with fast withdrawal online.




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