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How Freewriting Can Boost Your Creativity



How Freewriting Can Boost Your Creativity

There are a lot of benefits to just going out there (or inside, to be fair, in front of the white paper) and starting freewriting.

As it’s been put, this is ‘a technique in which the author writes their thoughts quickly and continuously, without worrying about form, style, or even grammar’.

It can prove to be a marvelous way to reap dozens of great accomplishments in terms of becoming a better writer.

No matter what you need your writing skills for (good or bad… just kidding), you can gain a wonderful advantage if you plan on becoming more creative and fascinating the world with the words and the craft you possess.

As once said, ‘“The consequence [of writing] is that you must start by writing the wrong meanings in the wrong words, but keep writing until you get to the right meanings in the right words. Only in the end will you know what you are saying.” — Peter Elbow

Of course, nothing can come in just one or two tries. You’d need the three P’s: passion, perseverance, and patience.

Out of them, you’d get a lot of new potentials. So, let’s see how Freewriting comes to help you.

  • Improved Start

One of the free writing benefits is that it improves the start of your writing. As in football, it’s absolutely important to have a great first touch, so in writing it’s vital to know how to begin your stories.

The first sentences, the first chapter, and the intro – are all things you need to master if you wish to captivate your audience.

So, get into freewriting and start exploring the countless ways in which you can begin your readers’ journey into your own special world.

  • Better Flow of Ideas

Allen Campbell has said that freewriting ‘… allows the mind to vent ideas that wouldn’t ordinarily surface under the conventional, linear framework of writing.’ When you engage in focused freewriting, you’d see how much better the flow of ideas will become.

This is truly important if you wish to be more creative. If people can usually think of one or two ways to combine things, you’d find many more and much better ways to do so.

You’ll be able to quickly come up with novel and entertaining means of communicating your ideas.

You’ll succeed in getting to places where few people have been. You’ll find yourself no longer staring at the blank piece of paper but gasping in front of lists full of words.

  • No More Writer’s Block

Sure, writer’s block will come from time to time. But a way to negate its arrival comes thanks to the help of the creative writing process, associated with freewriting techniques. Usually, the block comes due to a lack of ideas.

Due to a lack of knowledge of how to put the vision we have in our head down to paper. But you can try to avoid that by making your whole life much more creative-driven.

From that, a new world of creativity will arise to fill in your day-to-day journey.

Writing will turn into a more engaging, more fun, and more all-around means of expressing the unknown drive you carry deep down in yourself.

You’ll be able to find ideas more easily which will help you avoid the desperation that writer’s block carries with itself.

  • New Associations

With freewriting, you’d find that new associations come quickly and almost effortlessly. Yes, it won’t happen overnight.

You’d need the above 3Ps but with time, you’ll realize you find the world filled with unique associations that can turn your writing up not one notch but several, too.

You might need this for a number of reasons. Maybe you’re trying to go after the best essay writing service. Maybe you want to become a bestselling author.

Maybe you wish to touch people with your books, poetry, etc. All of this can seem much more in reach if you find a way to connect things that have never been connected before. One tool that comes in handy here is the freewriting one.

With this tool in your toolbox, you can reach new grounds and find new horizons for your longing mind.

  • New Comparisons

One of the hardest things, when you try to find a legit essay writing service, proves to be the similarity of the comparisons those services use to differentiate themselves. The same is true for many books, topics, etc.

The regular cliches have long had their last run and are no longer interesting to the general population. So, you’d need something more, something bigger.

It’s hard to think of something with the speed you’d usually blink.

But if you try freewriting, you’d definitely achieve a similar speed. Once again, it may not work for everyone, it may not do so right from the get-go.

But with perseverance and dedication, you can see some great results. Who knows, your imagination might start flying not like a bird but like a dragon.


There’s a lot more to the topic. We didn’t touch on how to do the freewriting itself but there are some great sources out there.

We actually wanted to focus more on its benefits here because without understanding them, you’d have a hard time accepting why you need to do this exercise.

It can prove to be worthy of your time and it can pay back a great deal. Freewriting doesn’t work like magic.

It won’t flip something in your head and make you the next top-selling writer. But it can definitely increase the level of your work and make you much more creative.

Then, it’s up to you how you’d use that new-found creativity. If you don’t exercise it, if you don’t try to improve your skill, well, then freewriting doesn’t have a lot to add.

But if you go the other way and actually do something to get better and better day after day, well, you can find how marvelous can that journey to self-improvement be and how many benefits it will offer.

Those aren’t just about writing, too. Your speaking will improve, and your conversation will, as well. Your social life can gain some benefits, too.

After all, creativity is the little spark that makes our days brighter. If you follow it, if you cultivate it, you can truly live a wonderful life, no matter if you’ll publish.

And if you do, well, then your works can stand apart from all the other countless published books that have long been forgotten after reading. Good luck on your journey and make sure to give free writing a go!

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